Use your Feet to play this game!

ŸFoot Panel

ŸButton Panel.

¦This image is 1P

Enjoy dancing with this game!Very un complicated game play.

The arrows move up the screen in time to the music.When the arrows reach the gStep Zoneh at the top of the screen, stand on the corresponding foot panel.

¦Determining Grade

¦Freeze Arrow judgment






Higher scores for stepping just in time!!!

Players performances are determined by the timing which they press the foot panel.If it is pressed in the perfect time then they get a gMARVELOUSh or gPERFECTh grade if their timing is not so good then this grade can drop to gALMOSTh or gBOOh.If a player continues to get gBOOh for their grade their gDance Gaugeh goes down.Players must finish each song without the gDance Gaugeh running out, if it does its Game Over.