KONAMIwiiAfter seeing this game, I had an epiphany of what motivated humans to start standing so long ago.	/pop'n music series SOUND DIRECTOR―wacWow! The sound and dance come together and make me feel so wonderful!/pop'n music series DIRECTOR―masaruDance, visuals, and entertainment - this is the future!	/pop'n music series SOUND DIRECTOR―Seiya MuraiThis game is killing it!	/Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME DIRECTOR―inubouzuIt`s the HOTTTTEST!! The convergence of DDR and Wii is the new revolution!	/GuitarFreaks & DrumMania DIRECTOR―TAKE
This game is bumpin`! It will change the way we think about Music games. 	/beatmania IIDX SOUND DIRECTOR―L.E.D.Not just a DDR, it IS the next evolution of the Revolution.	/beatmania IIDX DIRECTOR―Tadao KageyamaYeah, using your arms is KRAZY! It`s my new addiction!	/All-around Sound Creator―Des-ROWThis is a new beginning in the rich history of Bemani series games.	/beatmania IIDX SOUND DIRECTOR―DJ YoshitakaIt is no longer just a game… now it is absolute entertainment!	/beatmania IIDX SOUND DIRECTOR―dj TAKA
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