Snake Otacon Olga Marines Enemy soldier
Raiden Pliskin Emma Stillman President
Fatman Vamp
Harrier Creatures Miscellaneous

Snake sneezes.
pointShoot the fire extinguisher or flour bag with a USP, etc. and get sprayed / powdered for a certain period of time.
Or (1) stand on the deck in the EXTREME game level and go in, or (2) stand on the deck in the VERY HARD game level for more than a minute and then go inside.

pointConditions to start sneezing
"before the tanker holds"
- standing still
- flattened against a wall
- crouching
- crawling position but not moving
"after the tanker holds"
- flattened against a tank

pointIf you stay still for 3 minutes, you will stop sneezing.
Snake gets excited.
pointStand in front of the sexy poster in the locker room in Deck A and call Otacon on the Codec. You can see Snake excited.
Raven's shadow.
pointIf you call Otacon on the Codec after you see Raven's shadow in the Tanker engine room starboard, you'll hear them being surprised about Raven being alive.

Mei Ling appears.
pointOtacon recites proverbs when you save the game on the Tanker. If you keep on saving, Mei Ling makes an appearance on the 13th time.
Otacon is kind.
pointIf you have one more photo to take in the Metal Gear Ray photo shoot event in the tanker when you only have 30 seconds left, Otacon says what he already has (i.e. 3 photos) will do.
Otacon checks photos.
pointTake photos of the following and show them to Otacon, and you will get special responses. If you take photos of these many times, you will get different responses.
- Locker posters (both left and right) in tanker 1F locker room
- Olga (she will talk if during battle)
- Olga's face and crotch
- Engine room starboard macho poster, portside boy and girl posters, south wall girl poster, Raven figure
- Hold 1: underwear soldier (if taken from under the floor)
- ghost photo (starboard screen photo taken from the projector position--happens at a 1/3 possibility)
- Metal Gear Ray--front, front left, front right, MARINES lettering; Commandant Scott Dolph, Ocelot.

Olga gets angry.
pointTake a photo of her during battle and she gets angry.
Olga makes fun.
pointIf you enter Hanging Mode during battle, she makes fun of you.
Reactions for doing things to Olga while in sleep.
pointIf you call Otacon on the Codec right after battle, he says that she is cute. If you attack her while she is asleep, Otacon reprimands you.

Human bowling pins.
pointIf you attack the Marines that are lined up, they crash into each other and fall down like bowling pins. Getting a "strike" does not give you anything.
Underwear Marines.
pointWhen you are playing the Tanker Chapter for an even number of times (2nd time, 4th time, etc.), the Marines in Hold 3 are in their underwear.

Enemy soldier
Enemy soldier reactions.
pointSpray the coolant spray at a sleeping enemy and the enemy will wake up quickly.

pointThe enemy's clearing patterns will change if you remain unspotted in clearings in the deep sea dock, Strut F warehouse, Shell 2 Core 1F.

pointIf you approach an enemy soldier with a shield and get shot, your blood will splash onto the shield.

pointIf you shoot attacking enemies, they will inject painkillers in themselves.

pointOn the first floor of the tanker, if the soldiers come into the locker room to do a clearing, they will look at the poster if the locker door with the poster is open.

pointShoot the exclamation point on top of the enemy's head and he loses track of what he was doing.

pointPlace a book on the floor and the enemy will sit down and start reading it.
Dealing with the stubborn soldier.
pointThe stubborn enemy soldier will not give you items when holding him up unless you shoot at him (not with the tranquilizer; the bullet does not have to hit him) or point a more powerful weapon such as the Nikita missile, Stinger, and RGB.
Urinating soldier.
pointThere is a urinating soldier at a certain point of the Strut L perimeter. The urination continues for about one minute. If you call the Colonel on the Codec while being urinated onto, he will try to make you feel better.
Dog tag stuff.
pointThermal goggles will enable you to see whether or not a soldier has a dog tag.

point If you keep on pressing the Action button (triangle) when equipping the camera or binoculars, you will see the name of the soldier on top of his head from whom you have acquired the dog tag. If the date of birth shown on that soldier's dog tag coincides with the date of the PS2 console clock, you will see "Happy Birthday!!" right above the name on top of his head.
Special guest.
pointIf you obtain the dog tag from a soldier with his headphone stereo at the very end of Deck 2 port in a specific difficulty level, you will find out that this soldier is Gackt -- the Japanese musician.

Raiden catches a cold.
pointRaiden catches a cold 2 minutes after the torture event.
Take the medicine or get your gear back from Snake to recover.

pointConditions to catch a cold
- standing still
- flattened against a wall
- crouching
Special events for naked Raiden.
pointIf the enemy performs a clearing in the torture room, flatten yourself against the torture bed. You can fool the enemy that way.

pointThe enemy will look at Raiden and say a few words of envy.
Raiden on the mic.
pointIn the Shell 1 Core hall: If you keep on talking to someone other than Ames over and over again, Raiden will start saying things other than you normally hear.
Raiden's gear in the ending.
pointIf you have the body armor equipped when you beat Solidus, you will be wearing the body armor in the ending.

Attacking Pliskin.
pointPliskin will attack you if you attack him first in the following locations.
- transformer room
- oil fence
- Arsenal Gear-Ascending Colon
- Arsenal Gear-Sigmoid Colon
Pliskin talks in his sleep.
pointIn the Strut B transformer room:
Call Pliskin on the Codec a few times while he is sleeping.
He will say "Liquid!"
Pliskin shaves.
pointIf you have picked up the shaver in the deep sea dock, you will end up giving Pliskin the shaver. Then when you meet him as Snake in Arsenal Gear, he does not have his beard.
Cardboard box events.
pointYou can spot a guy wearing a cardboard box on the CD connecting bridge.
You must go to the CD connecting bridge within 1 minute after the Peter demo. (After 1 minute, or if you go to another location, the cardboard will no longer appear.

pointIf you attack the cardboard box man, he will run away while leaving cardboard box debris. Even if his cardboard box is totally destroyed, he will wear another one.

pointIf you wear a cardboard box and keep on calling Pliskin on the Codec, he will start talking about his passion for cardboard boxes.

pointAnd if you totally destroy the cardboard box of the guy on the CD connecting bridge, you can hear Pliskin's grievance.
Placing a book.
pointAfter the battle in the Arsenal Gear-Ileum, place a book on the floor by Snake's feet.
He will get angry but still take peeks at the book.

Emma's reactions.
pointShell 2 Core B1 Filtration Chamber #2: There is a window at the first breathing point. After the Vamp battle, if you go there before going to the locker room, you will be able to see Emma sitting on the stairs.

pointAfter rescuing Emma, you can call her on the Codec when accompanying her on frequency 141.52.

pointShell 2 Core B1 Filtration Chamber #2: Shoot Emma with the M9 and call her on the Codec. She talks in her sleep. "Venus in Cancer..."

pointShell 2 Core B1 Filtration Chamber #2: Attack her (but do not kill her) and call Otacon on the Codec. Otacon will be angry with you.

pointShell 2 Core B1 Filtration Chamber #2: If you kill Emma yourself, the Colonel, Rose, and Otacon will all criticize you upon GAME OVER.

pointShell 2 Core B1 Filtration Chamber #2: Set a C4 near Emma's back, and you can actually set a C4 on her back.
Emma events (Strut L oil fence sniping event).
pointYou can listen to Emma talking to herself with the directional microphone when she is behind the two large pillars during the pontoon bridge sniping event. Behind the first pillar she talks about Raidenqd跿 looks.

pointBehind the second pillar she encounters Johnny.

pointPoint the microphone at Snake and you hear him talking to himself about asking Emma out for a meal.

pointPoint the microphone at Emma while she crosses the bridge. You can hear her complaining.

Stillman's reaction.
pointWhen Peter Stillman is inside the pantry, knock on the door or press the Action button in front of the door. Peter will respond. If you do this 8 times or more, Peter becomes angry.s

The President's reactions.
pointIf you flatten yourself against the wall of the room with the President, you will see a demo.

pointThe President is asleep when you meet him in the HARD and EXTREME modes.

pointKnock on the wall of the room with the President. Or make a bullet hit the wall. A demo begins.
The President will flatten himself against the wall.

pointWhen the President is asleep, he will not be woken up by an explosion unless it happens right on the wall or inside the room.

pointPoint the microphone at the President and you can hear him talking to himself.

pointThe President will dodge Nikita (remote-controlled) missiles in the EASY mode by rolling, sliding, and doing sommersaults. In EXTREME mode, he'll run into the missile.

Fatman's reactions.
pointIt only takes one shot at Fatman's inline skates to make him fall. The skates cannot be destroyed.

pointWhen Fatman is playing with a seagull, if it lands on Fatman's collar, the seagull pecks on Fatman's head.

During the ending. NEW
pointIn the ending polygon demo (when Rose appears), you will find Vamp in the crowd in the background.
Shadow binding countermeasures.
pointIf you destroy the surrounding lights, Vamp will not be able to perform his shadow binding.
You can undo Vamp's shadow binding not only by hitting the buttons but also by shooting the knife that is binding the shadow.
Vamp has his weaknesses.
pointIf you attack Vamp on his forehead and chest scars, you can give him more damage than usual.

Missile attack countermeasures.
pointThe Harrier has a missile pod that you can lock onto with your Stinger missiles only when it is close to you. Shoot that pod with the Stinger and destroy it. Then the Harrier will only launch a few missiles from then on.


Sea lice reactions.
pointSpray the coolant on them and they will go away.

pointAttack them in First Person View with explosive weapons and the dead sea lice come flying at you.

pointIf you crawl for 2 seconds or more where there are sea lice, a sea louce will enter your item menu. The sea louce in the item menu will eat 1 ration every 20 minutes. After eating 3 rations, the satisfied sea louce will disappear. Move the item icons rapidly to get rid of the sea louce.

pointEquip rations with the sea louce attached and get attacked by the enemy. The ration will be unequipped automatically.

pointUse all rations while the sea louce is attached and you will be able to read a description of sea lice.

pointIf you complete the game with the sea louce attached and then register your CLEAR CODE at our MISSION RECORDS website, you will be given the rank of SEA LOUCE.
Seagull reactions.
pointSpray the coolant spray onto a seagull and it will fly away immediately.

pointIf a falling seagull (falling when attacked/tranquilized) lands on an enemy, the enemy will incur damage and faint.

pointIf you keep on attacking seagulls, the Colonel and Rose will reprimand you.

pointIf you attack the seagulls 20 times, seagulls flying nearby the player will attack the player.

pointIf you look at a seagull in First Person View when it is flying over you, droppings will land on the camera.

pointYou will slip and fall if you run on piles of seagull droppings on the Strut A roof.
On the pipe at the Shell 1 / Shell 2 connecting bridge, you will fall off and die.

pointIf you wear Cardboard box 5 (the Zone of the Enders box -- the one with the eye symbol),
seagulls will not attack you. Birds in general are afraid of big eyes, as seen on rice fields where "big eyes" are used to scare away birds.
Parrot reactions.
pointAttack the parrot and bullets will not hit it. Grenades will not explode.
The parrot will then mimic the enemy and bring about the Alert mode (when enemies are around).

pointIf enemy soldiers talk about girlie magazines (BOOK), the parrot will then memorize that talk and then give you hints on where books are hidden.

pointIf you point the microphone at the parrot and keep on asking "You must be Ames." for 10 times, the parrot will start saying "You must be Ames."
Bugs' reactions.
pointYou can use the coolant spray to kill bugs near light bulbs.

pointThere are bugs flocking around an enemy on B1, portside. If that enemy drops a ration when you shake him when he is unconscious, the bugs flock to the ration. If Snake picks up that ration, the bugs flock to Snake. Even if Snake moves onto another area, one bug will keep on chasing Snake.

Demos and Codec. NEW
pointDuring the Codec, press R1 or R2 to "voice your opinion." The R1 is for positive responses and R2 for negative responses. How strong you press the button determines how positive or negative a response you will give.

pointYou can move the camera with the analog sticks during the Codec. Moving them up, down, left, and right will move the characters accordingly, and pushing them in will allow you to zoom in.

pointDuring polygon demos, you can zoom in with the R1 button and move the camera with the right analog stick.

pointThe first website photo of the tanker flashback demo in the Shell 2 Core 1F will feature the photo you actually took in the hold. (If you play the game from the Plant Chapter, a predetermined photo will be used.)
If you toss an enemy body over the deck or knock him off the railing on the tanker, the second website photo of the tanker flashback demo in the Shell 2 Core 1F will feature this scene.
Stage stuff. NEW
pointThere is a steel pipe in the farthest of the 3 rooms in Deck 2 port. Flatten yourself against the wall and wait for the enemy to come. Then the pipe falls and the enemy will spot you.

pointIf you destroy the light in the small room on the 1st floor of Strut F, the enemyqd跿 vision will be limited.

pointAfter completing the game and playing it again, from the 2nd time on, Ames' position in the hostage room becomes random.

pointThe location and number of scented and unscented bombs in each strut changes in VERY HARD and EXTREME difficulty levels.

pointIn EASY mode, you can use the radar in all areas if you access the node once.

Shell 2 Core electrified floor
pointIf you step on the electrified floor while equipping a cardboard box, the box will burn up and disappear. You will see a MOAI statue inside the duct for an instant.
pointPlace a BOOK on the electrified floor and it will burn.
pointToss a grenade (regular, chaff, stun) onto the electrified floor and you will see electric currents while it is moving. It will explode when it stops.
pointToss a magazine (gun clip) onto the electrified floor and you will see electric currents while it is moving. Shoot the magazine to move it and you will see electric currents again.

Spot with flames
pointEquip the cardboard box and come in contact with the flames. The box will burn up and disappear.
pointPlace a BOOK where there are flames. The BOOK will burn up and disappear.
pointWhen your clothes are on fire, equip the enemy soldier uniform or cardboard box and you can put out the fire.
pointAnywhere you see flames, use the coolant spray and you can extinguish the fire.

Shell 1/Shell 2 infrared control units
pointPress the L1 button on Controller 2 (a controller inserted in the controller slot 2) to move the "Sons of Liberty" flag. If you hit the L1 button repeatedly, the flag will be blown in the wind in the other direction.
pointIf you enter, exit, and re-enter the Shell 1/ Shell 2 connecting bridge area 8 times, you will see a "flashback" of where the hidden control units are hidden.
pointThe number of control units changes depending on the difficulty level.

pointFrom the 2nd time on, the hostages other than Ames -- shown in the demo during the dialogue with the Ninja when the hostage room is shown for the first time -- change depending on the time of the PS2 clock.
12 AM (midnight) -- all young women
10 PM -- all middle-aged women
1 PM -- all middle-aged men
Hidden characters. NEW
pointYou can take a picture of Ocelot in Hold 3. This is possible when you come under the floor from Hold 2. If you look in First Person View toward Ray's front leg from the vertical pole mezzanine and you will see Ocelot. If you move your viewpoint and then come back again, he is gone.

pointIf you point the directional microphone toward the toilet (on the left of where Solidus and Ocelot are) in the Shell 1 Core Hall during the hostage event, you will hear Johnny Sasaki ragging. If you equip Sensor A, you will get a different response from when it detects a bomb.

pointRaven figure
Tanker Chapter -- Engine room starboard (shoot it and it will keep on firing BB rounds)
Plant Chapter -- in the water near Shell 2 B1 Filtration Chamber #1

pointrubber duck
At the breathing point near Shell 2 B1 Filtration Chamber #1.

pointMOAI statues
Strut D -- north side, on top of the stirring shaft of the sediment tank (can be seen in First Person View only).
Strut E level B1 security level 5 door room between the wall and cardboard box (can be seen in First Person View only).
Under the desk of the Shell 1 Core computer room south side (can be seen in First Person View only).
Strut L, inside the window, farthest left (can be seen when stretching up in First Person View only).
Shell 2 Core, Nikita missile duct leading to the President's room, dead end (MOAI is lying down).
Shell 2 Core sunken stage, inside the rubble (inside the water, on the floor).
Shell 2 Core B1 Filtration Chamber #2 -- locker on the right of the locker where Emma is. (locker opens in EXTREME or higher)
Hidden features after completing the game. NEW
pointOn the CLEAR CODE screen, press UP, UP, DOWN DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, X, CIRCLE, you will hear Snake's voice.

pointComplete the game twice, and from the 3rd round on Snake and Raiden wear sunglasses in odd number rounds (3rd round, 5th round, 7th round, and so on). (Japanese and European versions only)

pointAdditional modes After completing the Tanker and Plant Chapters, special modes appear.
Boss Survival Mode
You can play all 6 boss battles consecutively as Snake or Raiden to see how quickly you can complete them all.
Internet Ranking >>
Casting Theater
You can replace the polygon models with the original polygon models in selected polygon demos and watch them. Models of some characters such as Snake from the previous game can be selected as well.
Hidden techniques from the previous game.
pointPress the First Person View button near the net of a duct and the camera will get very close to the net.

pointPress the elevator button twice and the elevator will arrive quickly.

pointYou can set a C4 on the enemy's back.

pointHold 2: ghost photo (starboard screen photo taken from the projector position -- happens at a 1/3 possibility)

pointIf you equip a cardboard box, you can get on the conveyor belt. Which box you are equipping determines where you are taken.
Box 1 (grocery) -- Strut C Dining hall
Box 2 (electronic appliances) -- Strut B Transformer room
Box 3 (daily commodities) -- Strut A Pump room
Box 4 (action figures) -- Strut F warehouse
Box 5 (video game software) -- Strut E B1 -- return to Strut E Parcel room
Cardboard box warning.
pointIf you equip a cardboard box with a design that is different from surrounding boxes (where there are a bunch of boxes), the enemy will feel suspicious and find you.
Secret items revealed.
pointWhen you complete the game, depending on the percentage of dog tags acquired from enemy soldiers, you will get a hidden item.
Tanker Chapter (cumulative of all difficulty levels)
infinite ammo bandanna-- 46 dog tags (30%)
stealth apparatus-- 76 dog tags (50%)

Plant Chapter (cumulative of all difficulty levels)
infinite ammo wig-- 73 dog tags (30%)
stealth apparatus-- 121 dog tags (50%)
red wig (grip gauge will not diminish)-- 170 dog tags (70%)
blue wig (O2 gauge will not diminish) -- 218 dog tags (90%)
(You get infinite number of bullets with the infinite ammo bandanna and wig.)
(You become invisible with the stealth apparatus and won't be seen.
If you bump into the enemy, the stealth apparatus will be unequipped.)
Playing with the title screen.
pointMove the right analog stick on the title screen and you can change the color and movement of the background design.

pointPress the L2 button on the title screen and the screen will flash with thunder sounds.

pointWhen you complete the game, the face on the title screen that was Snake (red) will change to Raiden (blue). When completed again, the face will be Snake again.

pointComplete the game in Tanker/Plant and you will see Metal Gear Ray in the background of the title screen.
Dog tag viewer info.
pointEnemy location info shown in the Dog tag viewer qd the first time you play the game you will see only the locations where you have already obtained dog tags. From the second time on, you will see the locations of all dog tags.
A view of the Stinger launcher.
pointPress R1 when you have the Stinger equipped. You can see the Stinger launcher instead of the sight display.
A "hidden" in Special mode
pointOf all the explanation movies in BASIC ACTIONS of the SPECIAL mode, there are 2 movies for the explanations of the "cardboard box" and "opening and closing of lockers" that alternate.
Poster stuff.
pointIf you knock on certain places on the posters, you will hear a "BOUNCE" sound (whey you have a weapon equipped) or see an exclamation point (when you do NOT have a weapon equipped). (If enemies are around, you will attract them and enter ALERT MODE).

pointWhen you are in the locker, if you press the R1 button to get close to the poster, you will hear a kissing sound.

pointShoot the poster an enemy is looking at with his binoculars and it will explode.

pointThe other poster in the engine room will also explode if shot.
Tanker Chapter:
Deck A crew's quarter -- inside the farthest locker on the left side
Deck A crew's quarter -- inside the closer locker on the right side
Deck A crew lounge -- on the wall on the right
Engine room starboard -- on the open locker
Engine room -- look from the 1st floor starboard at the opposite wall (toward the bottom)
Engine room -- look at where the enemy with binoculars is staring at from the 2nd floor
Engine room portside -- on the 2nd locker from the right
Engine room portside -- on the 1st locker from the right
Engine room portside -- inside the 1st locker from the right

Plant Chapter:
Strut A pump room -- inside the locker by the stairs on the right
Strut B transformer room -- on the 1st locker from the left on the end toward Strut C
Strut B transformer room -- behind the switchboard the closer end of the hallway
Strut C dining hall -- on the door of the 1st toilet from the left
Strut C dining hall -- on the farthest wall of the left room
Strut C dining hall -- on the left wall of the left room
Shell 1 Core, 1F -- closer room, 2nd closest locker
Shell 1 Core, 1F -- closer room, 2nd locker on the right
Shell 1 Core, 1F -- closer room, 4th locker on the right
Shell 1 Core, B2 computer room -- on the partition in the middle of the room
Shell 1 Core, B2 computer room -- in the small room with the node
Shell 1 Core, B2 computer room -- on the partition of the small room with the node
Shell 1 Core, B2 computer room -- left monitor the enemy is looking at
Shell 1 Core, B2 computer room -- right monitor the enemy is looking at
Shell 1 Core, B2 computer room -- farthest locker in the left hallway
Shell 1 Core, B1 -- left room, 2nd right locker
Shell 1 Core, B1 -- left room, farthest wall
Shell 2 Core, B1 filtration chamber#1 -- on the farthest wall after making the 1st right
Shell 2 Core, B1 filtration chamber#1 -- on the farthest wall after making the 1st right, then left, and then right
Shell 2 Core, B1 filtration chamber#1 -- on the farthest wall after making the 1st right, then left, and then right, and then left
Locker stuff.
pointWhen you are in the locker, if you hit the R1 button strong, you will make a noise. However, if you hit it slowly, you will not make this noise.

pointThere are books on top of the locker on the left side of the Shell 1 Core B2 computer room. Punch / kick the locker and 5 books come falling down.
Strut C restroom events and more.
pointApproach the hand dryers in the restrooms and they will activate.

pointIf you approach and then leave the urinal in the men's room, you will hear a flush.

pointIf you call Rose on the Codec from the ladies' room in Strut C, she will look down on you and not allow you to save for a while.

pointIn the Shell 1 Core hall: Crawl under the table in front of the young female hostage.
If you call Rose on the Codec while staring at the lady, she will look down on you and not allow you to save for a while.
Name entry at the node.
pointWhen entering your name at the node, if the names of the MGS2 development team are entered, you will see their personal info.

pointWhat is entered here is what is shown on Raiden's dogtag in the ending.

pointIf the birthday entered at the node happens to be the date of the PS2 clock, you will see "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" in the bottom right.
Special demo
pointHold 2: Press the Action button (triangle) by the left or right of the projector to switch projection directions. Change it 7 times and you see a special movie and the game ends. You can see this movie once only. If you continue and change the projection direction 7 times again, a Marine will come looking for you.
Hanging Mode
pointIf you climb back up from Hanging or fall off from Hanging or from something you have climbed up on and land on an enemy walking by, you can knock him unconscious. If you land on a sleeping / unconscious enemy, he will wake up.

pointIf you fall while in Hanging mode, press the Action button (triangle) to grab onto the railing on the lower level ("fall-and-grab").

pointDo pull-ups while in Hanging mode by pressing the R2 and L2 buttons in First Person View. Do 100 pull-ups (they don't have to be consecutive) and your Grip Gauge will become longer (Level 2). Do 100 more (a total of 200) and the Grip Gauge will become longer again (Level 3 -- maximum level).

pointA fall-and-grab while in Hanging mode counts as 10 pull-ups.

pointIf you watch closely, you see wire in the air at the north side of the engine room. You can take a shortcut across the wire in Hanging mode.

pointHold 1: You can keep going forward on the landing of the right and left ladders. You can then move to other holds from the 2nd floor by hanging across the railing.

pointHold 1: You can go across the wire near the starting point in Hanging mode.