Survive each unique boss fight from the main game again, anytime you like! Relive the deathmatches against old rivals... the soldiers manipulated by their times. Enter into the most intense head-to-head combat with Duel Mode!

Take your pick between two types of duels: Normal Mode and Special Mode. Fight the bosses as you remember them with Normal Mode, and test your limits to challenge them under certain handicaps with Special Mode. You'll have to deal with item limitations, sniper battles wherein a single headshot means the difference between victory and defeat!

The stage is set for you to challenge them whenever you want. Return to the battlefield again and again to beat your old high scores!

Snake VS the Ocelot Unit

Normal Mode
Eradicate the Ocelot Unit as quickly as you can.
Use your environment and hide strategically to gain the upper hand.

Special Mode
Beat the Ocelot Unit quickly using limited ammunition.
Keep an eye on your remaining rounds!

Snake VS Ocelot

Normal Mode
Bring Ocelot down quickly! Take advantage of his reload time,
and use a variety of tricks to force him off-guard.

Special Mode
Beat Ocelot as fast as possible using only limited equipment.
Use your arsenal wisely.

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