The Existence Disc ("Watch MGS3") allows you to enjoy the whole story from start to finish without touching your controller. Re-cut scenes, radio dialogues, and gameplay sequences were edited into this 3.5 hour cinema production.

Some players have said, "I really want to enjoy all the cinematic cutscenes, but I just can't beat the game!" Others have said, "I really want to share the MGS3 experience with one of my friends, but he's just not into the gameplay!" The special third disc was born in answer to these voices. We want everyone to enjoy the whole story even if they don't finish the game.

The disc features more than just our dynamic revisions of the original Snake Eater cutscenes. We have added a number of unique cuts and shots between the extant cutscenes, entirely under Director Hideo Kojima's close supervision. With re-mastered audio and an exclusive narration track, the 3.5 hours of the MGS3 Director's Cut will feel like a fresh experience. Even Snake Eater veterans will rediscover the story's powe.

Snake Eater's story received accolades from all over the world in addition to its high-quality gameplay. Now the critically acclaimed drama will ignite its pathos for all audiences, not just game players alone. We would like for you to experience the legacies of these Cold War heroes, so bring along your loved ones and etch their memories onto your hearts.

The third disc truly earns the name "Existence." Its exclusive release with the first-minted copies of Subsistence proves that it only "exists" on this special occasion. The trailer for Metal Gear Solid 4 (tentative title) comes as a bonus track on the Existence Disc, too. Experience the shockwaves of the revolutionary next-gen console, the Playstation® 3!

Please note that the Existence Disc only ships with the limited premier edition of Subsistence.

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