Experience the origin of the Metal Gear saga!

Play the first Metal Gear ever to debut on a home system. We know Solid Snake as the legendary mercenary, but Metal Gear introduces him just after his recruitment into FOXHOUND. Fans of the original Metal Gear have long-awaited this chance to relive the classic; for younger fans of Metal Gear Solid, it's a dream come true! The momentous birth of the legendary Solid Snake has finally arrived.

Action games used to operate according to one simple idea in the early days of gaming: kill your enemies to progress. In 1987, one special game gave the traditional formula a complete overhaul. That game was Director Hideo Kojima's debut, Metal Gear. Director Kojima founded the gameplay on the idea of Tactical Espionage Action. Players had to hide from enemies in order to advance through the game. The new keyword was "infiltration."

Metal Gear ignited the stealth genre that would rise to popularity across the globe in following years. Twenty years after its initial release, the MSX2 version of Metal Gear sees new light on the Persistence Disc of MGS3: Subsistence.

Metal Gear's appearance on the MSX2 system coincided with the most successful years of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The game later made its way to the NES but in an entirely different form than Director Kojima intended, who thinks of the NES version as an inferior adaptation of his much-loved series. Now you can experience the Metal Gear saga's landmark opus for yourself!

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