The Lost Chapter of the Metal Gear Saga..

Director Kojima had refined all of the original game's hallmarks, from enemy patrol patterns and AI to the weapons and traps Snake encounters.

Don't let the appearance of a simple 2D action game fool you. Metal Gear 2 introduced the gameplay elements that provided the foundation for the Metal Gear Solid series. Everything here has withstood the test of time: crawling, base infiltration via ducts, a radar system that responds to Snake's condition, enemy reactions to noises, various alert modes, the classic cardboard box, elevator traps, and more! You'll understand just how thoroughly Metal Gear 2 paved the way for the MGS series once you play this exclusive feature on the Persistence Disc of MGS3: Subsistence.

Subsistence allows you to live the entire Big Boss Trilogy with Snake Eater, Metal Gear, and Metal Gear 2. Even more, we have revived the MSX2 games to set the stage for you to live the entire Metal Gear saga on your home console. The entire lineage is complete!

MGS3 (PS2) -> MG (PS2) -> MG2 (PS2) -> MGS (PSX) -> MGS2 (PS2) -> MGS4 (PS3)

Experience the revival of Konami's last and greatest title for the MSX2. Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Metal Gear.

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