New 3D, Third-Person Camera!

The Metal Gear series has traditionally used a Bird's Eye View Camera perspective. Players could use this camera to orient themselves better within their surroundings.

Now players can enjoy an additional Third-Person Camera placed behind Snake!

The right analog stick rotates the camera 360 degrees around Snake. This new camera allows you to make more daring (yet also more precise) movements while hunting and attacking enemies. Players will also appreciate the atmosphere of a verdant jundle. The experience is more visceral than ever before!

The traditional Bird's Eye View remains in the game, of course. Players can freely select between either camera type, and they can adapt both types to the needs of any particular situation.

New Camouflage and Face Paint Patterns!

You must blend into your environment using camouflage fatigues and face paints to survive this stealth mission. Subsistence features an expanded selection of camouflage options to help you sneak more effectively... or just look good in the process.

Players can also use the new Third-Person Camera to appreciate the camouflage combinations fully. Use the 360 degree rotation feature to check out Snake from all angles.

European Extreme is now available! Take the ultimate challenge!

This challenge goes out to the most hardcore MGS3 players. The world's hardest MGS3 difficulty has finally become playable to the world.

The production staff has issued the ultimate challenge. Will you survive?

We have also fine-tuned previous difficulty settings, so beginners playing on Very Easy will have a smoother experience. Everyone who gave up and put MGS3 on the shelf can meet the challenge again with Subsistence!

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