The union between Metal Gear Solid and online gaming has finally become a reality!

Connecting to Metal Gear Online is simple and user-friendly. Moreover, we don't charge membership or server fees like other online games. Please remember that any fees owed to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or your phone company have accrued separately from your enjoyment of Metal Gear Online.

Step 1:
Connect your network cable to your PS2. Older PS2 models will require a network adapter. Players may also connect using a Playstation harddrive unit.

Step 2:
Insert the Persistence Disc into your PS2.

Step 3:
Press your controller's Circle button three times to establish your Network and Accounts settings.

Congratulations! Your hardware should now be ready to take you into the world of Metal Gear Online!

We extend a special invitation into Metal Gear Online to players who have hesitated to try online games. We have developed Metal Gear Online to bring the fun side of gaming to our audience. Please know that we have developed the game with you in mind.

Metal Gear Online is ready to go!

If you had trouble with these instructions, please refer to our page titled How to Easily Connect in Online Mode for more detailed step-by-step instructions.

Click here to access the MSG3: Subsistence Online Mode support site.

About Metal Gear Online

You are about to become a soldier on a virtual battlefield. You can select between five mission types, each with its own particular rules. Up to eight players can participate in a game.

You'll naturally find all the staple MGS ingredients here. Enjoy the same great Tactical Espionage Action and CQC, the classic cardboard box, men's magazines to distract your enemies, and more. You can also improve your team's coordination by enabling voice chat via microphone headsets.

Special Characters

Each online player must fight alongside one of three teams: the GRU, the KGB, or the Ocelot Unit. A player can control his team's Special Character if he has the highest score. Each team's Special Character serves as the team leader.

Earn high scores and take on the roles of Ocelot, Major Raikov, or Sokolov! You'll also be able to use your character's special weapon and fighting technique!

When you meet certain requirements, you can also play as Reiko Hinomoto from Rumble Roses! Explode into combat with her CQC technique, the Sunrise Suplex!


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