Metal Gear Online offers five different mission types. Each mission has its own set of unique rules.

Sneaking Mission
One player controls Snake while the others control enemy soldiers.
The player who controls Snake must acquire the secret microfilm and deliver it to his base while fighting multiple enemies. Players who control enemy soldiers must either take Snake down or defend the microfilm.

The player who kills Snake will play as him during the next game!

Capture Mission
Two teams square off to find the Kerotan hidden somewhere in the area, then bring Kerotan back to home base. The team that holds Kerotan at its base for a certain length of time wins.
Rescue Mission
One team must pit its offensive skills against the other team's defense. The red team must defend Gako until time runs out, while the blue team tries to steal Gako back to its base.

Fallen players do not return to combat during a Rescue Mission, so the first team to defeat all members of the opposition wins!
Team Death Match
Each team must annihilate the other. The red and blue teams clash in all-out war.

A team loses one Life Ticket whenever one of its members dies. The team that forces the other to use all of its Life Tickets wins.
Solo Death Match
The player who has the highest score when time runs out wins. It's every man for himself.

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