Metal Gear Online features twelve unique, playable locations. Learn each map's terrain and plan a careful strategy with your teammates. That's the surest way to victory!


Focus on occupying the high grounds located on both sides of the area. They're ideal sniping locations, although you won't see the center of the area due to low visibility.
Execute a strategy flexible to your situation.


Focus your attention on the abandoned factory in the center of the area. You'll need to make use of all three floors in the building, as well as the ducts that run through the basement. Develop a team strategy that makes maximum use of the stage layout.
Take note of the cover objects in the environment such as bushes, crates, and trucks.

This stage features a wide open playing area and intermittent skyscrapers. Make sure you memorize the layout of the labyrinthine passages. The top floors of buildings are perfect sniping locations.

Bushes provide the only cover in this area. However, you might stay hidden if you keep low in the corners. Take a look around and you'll see an abundance of cardboard boxes. Perhaps it's time to incorporate your own box into your strategy....

This stage features a two-story building with interlacing passageways. You'll need to adjust your strategy depending on the floor where you're fighting. Be sure to use the ducts in this area effectively.

This area features four small rooms connected by hallways that form a square. Crates are piled up in each room. Depending on your situation, you might use them for shelter or strategic elevation. Narrow passages connect the rooms in this area. These are ideal locations to set up traps.

This stage appeared in Snake Eater's main story. It features the cabin barracks as well as the nearby jungle pathways.
You'll need to change your strategy depending on whether you're defending or attacking the barracks. The gun turrets found while playing the main game are absent, but you can still use the trenches.

This stage also appeared in Snake Eater's main story. It features the man-made trenches carved into the mountainside, as well as crawlspaces that connect the trenches with the storage shelters. Memorize the area's topography. That knowledge is the key to victory.

In this stage, you can enjoy fighting in one of the few indoor battle arenas from the main game. Know your environment. A quick judgment call at a critical moment can mean the difference between victory or defeat.

A two-story building structure and its basement comprise this area. There are a total of five exits. You'll tend to encounter enemies while moving between floors.

Two elements stand out in this area: a snowy environment and lower visibility due to nightfall. Foliage covers most of the large playing area. You'll find trucks and crates located in the central open area.
You'll gain a tactical advantage if you acquire the Night Vision Goggles. Use them wisely.

Buildings appear occasionally in this huge area. The second floor locations are perfect sniping nests. Dust clouds lower your visibility.
Victory hinges upon your team's strategy, communication, and overall teamwork!

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