You can unlock special characters in Metal Gear Online! Your online stats in relation to your teammates determine whether or not you can play as one of the special characters.

Ocelot (Ocelot Unit)

Ocelot can use his special ricochet revolver shot to hit out-of-sight enemies. This skill can serve you well in a stage with many hiding places. Listen for Ocelot's famous line when he reloads, and watch out for his revolver shots whenever he's on the field!

The player with the highest score from the preceding game will take his role on the Ocelot Unit team

Major Raikov (GRU)

Other soldiers are susceptible to men痴 magazines lying around, but Raikov is impervious to such filth. He also has his own special CQC technique... a ferocious move that can bring down any man in just one blow!

The player with the highest score on the GRU team plays as Major Raikov.
Sokolov (KGB)

Sokolov is just a scientist with no real combat skills. However, he has the exclusive advantage of stealth camouflage... a powerful weapon in the right hands.

The player with the highest score from the previous game takes Sokolov's role for the KGB team!
Reiko Hinomoto (Team Rowdy Reiko)

Metal Gear Solid and Rumble Roses have collaborated to bring you Team Rowdy Reiko, led by none other than Reiko Hinomoto! Reiko's deadly CQC technique explodes onto the battlefield: the Sunrise Suplex!

Don't miss out on her sensual poses either!

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