The news blew the world away: Snake Eater would feature a collaboration between MGS3 and Ape Escape 3 (AE3).

The result -- Snake VS Monkey -- attained a level of refinement rarely seen in mini-games. Would we exaggerate if we declared that Snake VS Monkey could stand strongly in place of the original Ape Escape, only with an MGS3 game engine!?

No. No we would not.

The tale goes on. Snake VS Monkey impacted the AE3 production team so profoundly that they created the exclusive AE3 mini-game Mesal Gear Solid: Snake Escape! Would we further exaggerate if we proclaimed that Mesal Gear Solid could stand firmly in place of the original MGS, only with an AE3 game engine!?

Hardly at all.

This collaboration decorated the registers of video game history because of the deep professional respect each development team held for the other. And now, monkeys are aping it up in brand new stages!

This can only mean one thing... the monumental collaboration that stormed the game industry with laughter has returned.

The Snake VS Monkey Story
Kakeru and Hikaru had gone to daydream their summer vacation away. Then monkeys suddenly escaped into the jungle! Catastrophe! Apocalypse!

The good doctor declared a state of emergency and contacted Colonel Campbell. Right away Campbell got ahold of the only man for the job: the legendary mercenary Solid Snake.

But could Snake really capture all the little monkeys...?

The much-acclaimed Snake VS Monkey mini-game returns in MGS3: Subsistence. Will the mysterious weapon from Mesal Gear Solid: Snake Escape resurface?! We guarantee your enthrallment with the heart-pounding drama.

It's more than just a mini-game. Top scientists have calculated that the additional stages will max-out the Fun Factor(tm) over 200%!

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