So just what is this "Secret Theater" phenomenon that riled so many fans from the official Japanese MGS3 website?

Secret Theater started as a collection of cutscenes made secretly by the MGS3 Real Time Demo Unit. They had only intended to show the scenes as entertainment for the staff's MGS3 completion party. The Demo Unit threw all of their energy and skills into the gag scenes.

Laughter thundered throughout the party hall. The joke scenes were too good! Director Kojima saw the clips and immediately decided to make them available on the official website as soon as possible.

The internet shook with waves of convulsive laughter from the moment the images hit the web. The event was unprecedented. Viewer opinions split over the joke sequences. The repercussions weighed more heavily day by day. New material soon went into development just for the website. We even held a contest for site visitors, and we developed the winning entries into some of the most outrageous Secret Theater episodes yet.

MGS3: Subsistence explodes with our self-parodies! All of the previously released Secret Theater selections appear on the Persistence Disc. We even produced brand new scenes just for this occasion.

Nothing is sacred... not even the emotionally tense scenes from Snake Eater! We never imagined we'd raise such a ruckus. Maybe we should have thought twice before stirring up so much commotion....

Can you persist through this?

Close Call

He's Still Got It

Metal Gear Raiden -Snake Eraser

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