Scott Dolph of Konami JPN
infiltrates Silicon Knights, the developer of MGSTTS

"METAL GEAR SOLID: THE TWIN SNAKES" has finally been released, and we believe many people have played it.

Silicon Knights of Canada was in charge of the re-imagination of the father of all stealth games.
To find out who they really are, we have asked Scott Dolph -- International Affairs Managaer of Konami JPN and secret agent -- intiltrate Silicon Knights. Now that MGSTTS has been released, we are revealing records of his solo infiltration which took place towards the end of 2003.

Who exactly are these craftsment in Canada?
Is secret agent Scott going to make it back in one piece?

Silicon Knights -- the Northern Guildsmen's Community (St. Catharines, Canada)...
Secret agent Scott has made it past the sentry easily into the development office.
While security was tough, no security is ever tough enough for this secret agent.
Not a single member of Silicon Knights notices Scott when he does his usual stealth thing.
He pursued his infiltration mission carefully but fearlessly.

Ted uses his binoculars to make sure there are no intruders. Secret agent Scott makes it to the Silicon Knights reception.
Secret agent Scott hides behind the knight armor -- the symbol of Silicon Knights. Secret agent Scott crawls and is unnoticed.

Secret agent Scott finally makes it to the president's room.
He waits for the best timing to obtain all the information on Silicon Knights from Silicon Knights president Denis Dyack -- the Big Boss of the Northern Guildsmen.

Secret agent Scott waits for the right timing. Inside the room is president Denis Dyack working at his desk using his computer.
Secret agent Scott makes it into the room.

When secret agent Scott was so sure that he had completed his mission, Denis turned around with a semi-automatic in his hands.
The gun was pointed accurately towards the heart of the intruder.
"You really thought I knew nothing about your mission?"
It turned out that information on secret agent Scott's infiltration mission had been leaked by someone.

President Denis Dyack spots secret agent spot and points his machine gun at him. Did Denis know about a potential intruder? Secret agent Scott is about to lose his head...MISSION FAILED.

MISSION FAILED...means DEATH to a secret agent.
Having a sword against his throat, secret agent Scott risks his life and pride to accomplish his mission.

"I...I would like to do a report on Silicon Knights. Can I?"
"Sure, go ahead!"

Silicon Knights president Denis Dyack -- a man of reason.

...And this is how secret agent Scott got official permission to look around and do a report on Silicon Knights.

What first catches ones attention when walking around the office is the many swords up on the wall.
Every time Silicon Knights completes a project, a sword is put up in commemoration.
It is these swords that tell the proud history of Silicon Knights.

This is Carey, the project leader. He is checking the progress of development on his monitor. The kitchen and dining room at Silicon Knights. When everyone gets really busy when working on a project, most people eat delivery lunch and dinner.
Programmer Andrew ("Gumby") tests the game. People exchanging comments on the tweaking of Twin Snakes.
Paul tweaks the fist fight of Snake and Liquid on REX's head. Gina checks the jeep battle.
There are swords on the wall all over the office. Sound room. The small bumps covering the wall and ceiling makes the room soundproof.
Frank -- in charge of the Psycho Mantis battle -- and a Konami JPN staff discuss the attack algorithm of the psychic. Paul and a Konami JPN staff work on the specifications of the game.
A look at St. Catharines from a Silicon Knights window. Way ahead is Lake Ontario. Mr. Matsuhana of Konami JPN takes a look at the PS One MGS to finalize specifications of Twin Snakes.

The development environment at Silicon Knights is superb, and this allows the team members to use their creative skills at their fullest extent. And it was the communication between these knights and the Konami JPN staff sent to St. Catharines that brought new DNA into the game.