- "ANUBIS ZONE OF THE ENDERS" Receives the "GAME AWARDS FUTURE Excellence Award" at the "6th CESA GAME AWARDS" - 2002/10/31update
On Oct 28 (Mon) at the Hotel Okura, the "6th CESA GAME AWARDS" ceremony hosted by the Computer Entertainment Software Association (CESA) were held. "ANUBIS ZONE OF THE ENDERS" ("ZONE OF THE ENTERD The 2nd Runner" in the US and Europe) was awarded the "GAME AWARDS FUTURE Excellence Award"

"GAME AWARDS FUTURE" covers still unreleased games announced / exhibited at "Tokyo Game Show 2002" (Sept. 20-22, 2001). The awards are given to games that have been very well received.

awards ceremony
(center: left producer Hideo Kojima)
(center: right director Shuyo Murata)

- Zone of the Enders The 2nd Runner Main Theme Information Officially Released - 2002/10/09update
After Tokyo Game Show 2002 (TGS), the main theme of ZOE The 2nd Runner "Beyond the Bounds" has gone over. Even those who could not go to TGS probably heard and noticed the unique tune when watching the TGS trailer.

Since we showed the trailer, we have received many questions like "What do the lyrics say?" and "Who composed it?"
We are answering these questions.

The following are the profile of composer Maki Kirioka (Konami JPN) and her comments on "Beyond the Bound".
We are also showing the English lyrics of "Beyond the Bounds".

Maki Kirioka profile
"flowing destiny" (Ending Theme Song 1) --- music, lyrics
"A Light with a name of HOPE" (Ending Theme Song 2) --- music in-game music
Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series vol.1 -- Tabidachi no Uta
Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series vol.2 -- Irodori no Lovesong
Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series vol.3 -- Niji-iro no Seishun
beatmania IIDX 5th style - new songs collection -
beatmania APPEND GOTTAMIX2 - Going Global -

Maki Kirioka's comments on "Beyond the Bounds"
When composing this song, I first talked to Director Murata and thought that I wanted a upbeat track that matches the speedy story. I read the scenario while imagining all kinds of song. And then I heard lyrics bombarding like those in some ethnic song, with wild violin melodies during the interlude.

When I created the melody, I thought that the opening melody should come with a scat that sounds ethnic -- even foreign -- like a spell. And I decided that the actual song portion should be in English that anyone can relate to.

I had no idea if anyone in Japan could sing this song. I was a bit worried. But when I had Mr. Daisaku Kume arrange this song, he introduced me to singer Maki Kimura. As a result, it became a wonderful song, sung wonderfully as I imagined in the first place.
(Kimura-san normally sings gentle songs, and she said she's never sung this way in the past. She has opened a new door herself when doing this song. Kume-san arranged the ending theme of the previous game, and he has done a great job turning this song into a touching piece.)
,br> As for the lyrics, Director Murata came up with the overall image. The melody of the "spell" portion is based on Sana's idea and then fixed, using Finnish as a reference. The English lyrics were written by Scott Dolph. ("The bue bird flies away" was Sana's idea -- the blue bird symbolizing the main mech Jehuty.)

I hope that the power of all those involved reach your ears and that you cherish this song along with the game "Zone of the Enders The 2nd Runner".

Maki Kirioka

Special single CD distributed
at Tokyo Game Show 2002

- Beyond the Bounds -
Lyrics : Scott Dolph Sana
Music : Maki Kirioka
Arrangement : Daisaku Kume
Song : Maki Kimura

Message of the blowing wind
Erasing memories
Stars are the witnesses of our existence

Change is what the world awaits
Could that be peace or war?
The answer no one knows
Trusting the break of dawn
The blue bird flies away

Travelling beyond the bounds
We have to take that step
What are we waiting for? It's now or never

Fear to see "The World to Be"
Is why we hesitate
Repeat the same mistake
Hoping to break new ground
The blue bird flies away

Reaching out to catch the sun
To hold it in our hands
Longing for something strong to hide our weakness

Soon the light may disappear
Nothing is meant to last
Yet we believe our world
Searching for happiness
The blue bird flies away

- Tokyo Game Show 2002 "ZONE OF THE ENDERS THE 2nd RUNNER" rocks Makuhari Messe! - 2002/09/26update
The Tokyo Game Show was held on Sept. 20 -- 22 at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba.
134,042 people showed up at the show, exceeding the gate of last year, and visited the "Z.O.E THE 2nd RUNNER" booth.

Konami JPN special monitor "Z.O.E THE 2nd RUNNER" booth

In the Konami group booth were a special monitor and 20 pods with the Anubis playable demo. Many people stopped in front of the special monitor to watch the new trailer. The playable demo made sure to leave a big mark in the hearts of those who played it and experienced the impact. The playable demo featured the very beginning of the game play portion and a special stage available only for the Tokyo Game Show, allowing the player to experience and enjoy the game greatly.

playable demo pods
booth on Consumer Day

Anubis events were held on the Konami main stage.
Stage 1 featured producer Hideo Kojima and director Shuyo Murata presenting the game using the playable demo.
Stage 2 featured in addition to Kojima and Murata mechanical designer Yoji Shinkawa and special guest Kazuma Kaneko (aka "Devil Artist") discussing Orbital Frames, characters, and how Mr. Kaneko got involvedin the project.

Scnes from event stage 2
Hideo Kojima, Mr. Kazuma Kaneko(ATLUS) ,
Yoji Shinkawa, Shuyo Murata
In front of the stage during the
"Z.O.E THE 2nd RUNNER" event
Many people came and filled the walkway.

The "Z.O.E THE 2nd RUNNER" event created the largest hype at the Game Show, showing how interested the people are in this game.

The development team are doing their best to meet everyone's expectations.
We await your comments and cheers for the game and staff at the"MAIL BOX"on the official website.