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The Side of the Sun
The Side of the Darkness

The age of darkness when people forgot their sun.
The dar clan of the "Immortals" turned "San Miguel" -- the City of the Sun --
into a city of death.

Solar Boy "Django" -- the inheritor of the solar gun "Gun Del Sol" -- heads to "Istrakan" the city of the dead in pursuit of the Vampire Lord "Count" to avenge for his father's death.
With the help of "Master Otenko" the messenger of the sun, Django defeats the Count and revitalizes the "Solar Tree" -- the simple of life -- along with Earthly Maiden "Lita."
But in front of him await Dark Boy "Sabata" and the dark guardians he controls -- "Muspell", "Galum", and the crying banshee "Carmilla."
After a tough series of battles, Django finally makes it to the castle where "Hel" the Queen of Immortals awaits. Hel has taken into herself Django's mother "Mani" the Moon Beauty.
Along with Sabata who finds about his own origin, Django defeats Hel in a tough fight and purifies the city of the dead.

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