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Immortals live deep down in their dungeons.
Use your 3 types of weapons and enchantment magic to get past, enemy monsters and traps that come in your way.
Enter dungeon and look for enemy boss.
Immortals await Django deep down in their dungeons.
Stock up on weapons, armor, and items before going in!
Make sure to fill up the life and energy gauges.
If you defeat the Immortal, you can put it into a coffin.
Defeat enemy boss and put into coffin.
Unfortunately, you cannot put an end to the Immortal in the dungeon.
Only "sunlight" can purify the clan of darkness.
Drag the coffin with the Immortal inside to the "pile driver" which is located outside the dungeon.
Drag coffin to pile driver.

*In order to activate the pile driver to purify the Immortal,
you need "sunlight".
Is the sun shining right above you!?
Now it's time for "battle drive" action.
Burn and purify the Immortal with the "solar piles" shot from the "generator".
The Immortal will resist by using its "ectoplasm".
Use enchantment attacks to push the ectoplasm back into the coffin!
Activate pile driver with sunlight and purify enemy boss.
In order to save Django's hometown of San Miguel from the Undeadening,
You still have a whole lot more Immortals to purify.

The battle continues...


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