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-Link Mode
  +Link Play
  +Link Shopping

Defeat your rivals and collect coins !!
2 to 4 players can play together in this battle royal!!

Multiplayer points are calculated from the "number of coins" held, number of rival players defeated , and number of times life reaches zero .
Five coins are available in link play. At the start of play each player has one coin , with the remainder held by the Undead (enemies).
Enemies and rival players drop
coins when defeated.
Touch dropped
coins to pick them up!
You can select one "weapon" and one "magic" you have obtained in the main game.

The more you play the main game, the better you can be in Link Play!

When setting multiplayer rules , select ON for "Play for Solar Energy" .
You will fight over energy stored in the
Solar Station !

If you accumulate "multiplayer points" , you can exchange them for items in the main game.
Play with your friends and earn
"multiplayer points" !

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Become a "solar merchant"!!
Sell weapons and earn SOLL! Buy weapons and upgrade your arsenal!

At the
"weapon shop" in Sun Avenue, you can use "SOLL" and sell and buy weapons you have forged at the "solar smith" .

In "link shopping" , you can freely decide the price of a weapon.
You can give a weapon as a gift for free.
You can sell a weapon to someone at an outrageous price.
Only if the buyer and seller agree to the price will the deal be completed. Beware!

You can engage in "link play" and "link shopping" only with the use of the "Game Link(R) Cable" .
You cannot enjoy these modes with the
"wireless adaptor" .
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