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Lunar Magic

Magic that you can use by spending "energy".
There are 2 types:
Enchantment magic -- you add on a certain property to your weapon.
Special magic -- you control one's status or environment.
If you use an
"enchantment magic" and attack the enemy with a property that the enemy is weak against, you can give the enemy large amounts of damage.
There are other effects such as solving puzzles in a dungeon.

Enchantment Sol

Enchantment magic of the Sol property.
Effective against Dark-property enemies.

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Enchantment Darl

Enchantment magic of the Dark property.
Effective against Sol-property enemies.
The only enchantment magic that Black Django can use.

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Enchantment Flame

Enchantment magic of the Flame property.
Effective against Frost-property enemies.
You can light candles and melt ice.

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Enchantment Frost

Enchantment magic of the Frost property.
Effective against Flame-property enemies.
You can put out fire and freeze puddles.

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Enchantment Cloud

Enchantment magic of the Cloud property.
Effective against Earth-property enemies.
You can destroy rock blocks.

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Enchantment Earth

Enchantment magic of the Earth property.
Effective against Cloud-property enemies.

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Special Rising Sun

You summon a sun piece and fill the area with sunlight.

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Special Trance

You can switch between Red Django and Black Django.

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Solar Magic

Magic that you can use without spending "energy".
You can use it as long as the solar gauge is filled up to a certain extent.
The stronger the sunlight hitting the solar sensor is, the more powerful the magic itself is.


You can use it with zero units of the solar gauge filled or higher.
You threaten the enemy and stun them for a while.

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You can use it with one unit of the solar gauge filled or higher.
You can move around quickly.
However, you incur twice the damage while in Dash.

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You can use it with two units of the solar gauge filled or higher.
You can revitalize plants.
When you see a wilted plant, use this!

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You can use it with three units of the solar gauge filled or higher.
You can set bombs.
Bombs not only hurt the enemy but also destroy weak walls.

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Dark Magic

Magic that you can use by spending "energy".
Only Black Django can use this.


You can recover "energy" by sleeping in a coffin.
How quickly you can recover depends on the kind of coffin you sleep in.

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Transform into a bat and move around.
You can fly through small windows. Also, with ultrasonic waves, you can see things that you normally cannot see.

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Transform into a mouse and move around.
You can crawl through small holes and walk along very narrow routes.

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Transform into a wolf and absorb "life" from the enemy you have bitten.
However, you must bite the enemy from behind to be successful.

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