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Here you can combine weapons with the help of Smith and create new weapons!!
You need
sunlight for the forging of weapons.
You can forge three types of weapons: Swords, Spears, and Hammers. The combination of weapons used for the forging affects the outcome of the final weapon. You cannot forge weapons with skills higher than yours. Train hard to raise your own skill!
Results of Solar-forging
The quality of weapons made by solar-forging depends on how well you forged them. If the forging process is successful, the quality of your weapons will be higher, and they may acquire special effects (SP).
The Solar-forging Process

Choose two weapons that you would like to forge together.

When forging weapons of the same type, a prediction of the end result will be displayed.
There may be times when the end result does not match the prediction...

Heat the weapons in the fire.

When the Smith Gauge (temperature) rises (picture 1), time yourself correctly and press the button at the ideal temperature (picture 2). The stronger the sunlight is, the faster the Smith Gauge (temperature) will change. The higher the weapon's level is, the higher the ideal temperature is, so you'll need more sunlight!

Pound on the weapon for forging.

Remove the weapons from the fire and forge them. As the gauge moves from side to side, press the button at the exact point when the Smith Gauge is at the ideal temperature!

Repeat STEP 2 & STEP 3.

During the 30-second limit, repeat this as many times as possible and forge the weapon at the right timing! When done, you will have a new weapon!!
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At the "Solar Bank" you can deposit "solar energy" through "Solar Stations" as money called "SOLL". Deposited "SOLL" can be used as money in "shops".
"SOLL" also collects interest, so you can use the bank to boost your "solar energy" supply!!
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Dark Loans lets you borrow solar energy .
Naturally, you must pay back what you borrow.
Remember to read the fine print!
The Dark Card
Using the Dark Card gives you access to two services: "Replay" and "Dark Loans".
"Replay" allows you to restart an area from the beginning in exchange for paying SOLL to "Dark Loans".
Use this hen there is no other way to proceed in the game.
When Django has collapsed, you can pay SOLL to Dark Loans in order to replay!
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This is where you can store your items, weapons, and armor.
Items that are placed in the warehouse are not affected by sunlight until they are taken out. You can count on it when you want to store raw ingredients such as solar nuts and meat!
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You can view various data such as the MONSTER GUIDE and WEAPON GUIDE.
Try completing the entries in these guides!!

By completing tasks written on REQUEST SHEETS successfully, you can earn rare items as your reward!
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You can set the time here.
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