What is the SOP System?
What is the SOP System?
By linking up the nanomachines inside your body with those of your comrades, you can share visual data ranging from position, to status, to info on each others' opponents.
Even if a wall stands between you, your comrades' outlines will still be visible. The SOP link is a crucial part of combat. How well you work with your team could end up making all the difference.
Link Effects
Linked teammates are visible as outlines even when there are obstacles in the way. The link provides a limited range of data on teammates. Depending on your stance and the current conditions, you may be able to see not only their position, but whether they are lying down, in combat, unconscious, or inside a cardboard box. You can also see which direction radio messages come from and where unconscious and dead teammates lie.
Icon showing teammates' status
Preset Message sent
Reading a magazine
Knocked out
In combat
SOP Scanning
Ordinarily, the SOP link allows you to see only linked teammates. But by pinning an enemy's arms with CQC and activating the Scanning skill (see "Skills"), you can see the outlines of all the enemy soldiers linked to the one you captured.
Learning the position and status of the enemy will give you a significant advantage in the game.