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[Important Notification] 【重要なお知らせ】 Update Scheduled for Tuesday, December 22th, 2015 on Xbox 360® in METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN - Xbox 360®版 2015年12月のアップデート配信について

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*** Update Scheduled for Tuesday, December 22th, 2015 on Xbox 360®

Thank you for your continued support of METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN . We have commenced the distribution of the December 2015 update on Xbox 360®.
*Click here for details of the December 2015 update.

In addition to the update, we would like to present affected users with the item as follows to make up for the issue.

- [MB Coins] x100 will be presented to all Xbox 360 users who have played the game before the maintenance on Dec. 22th, 2015.
*Please receive the item from REWARDS of the iDROID menu.

[Note] When downloading this DLC, if the status of add-on data for this game is shown as [Pending] in the [Active Downloads] list, quit the game and the download will begin. Then, wait for the download to complete before restarting the game.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and confusion caused by this issue, and greatly appreciate your continued enjoyment of METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN.
■ 【重要なお知らせ】 Xbox 360®版 2015年12月のアップデート配信について

平素より METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN をご愛顧頂き、誠にありがとうございます。 Xbox 360®版 2015年12月のアップデートについて、 配信を開始いたしました。
※ 2015年12月配信のアップデート情報は こちら

・ 日本時間 2015年12月22日(火)メンテナンス開始時点で Xbox 360®版 をご利用のお客様を対象に 「100MBコイン」 を配布
※ iDROIDメニュー内の「REWARDS」よりお受け取りください。

[ご注意] 本DLCをダウンロードした際に「ダウンロード リスト」上のゲーム追加コンテンツが「開始待ち」ステータスの場合、一度ゲームを終了させると、ダウンロードが開始されますので完了をお待ちください。

皆様にご不便をおかけしましたこと深くお詫び申し上げます。 引き続き 『METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN』 ご愛顧賜りますようよろしくお願いいたします。


[METAL GEAR ONLINE] Ver.1.02 Update Notes

Ver.1.02 Update Notes

Please see below for the complete Change Log Version 1.02 which has been applied on 12/17, 2015.

【Bug fixes】
・Fixed an issue in the "BLACK SITE" map where the player could sometimes exit outside the map from the basement.
・Fixed an issue where experience points were not properly distributed for Ascension 3.
・Fixed an issue where players would incorrectly gain experience points when completing an invalid match.
・Fixed an issue where players gained experience points by killing a teammate who is being CQC choked.
・Fixed an issue where experience points were not properly distributed when taking over an enemy controlled Walker gear with multiple players.
・Fixed an issue in "CLOAK AND DAGGER" where players gained Data Disc recovering experience points without actually recovering the Data Disc.
・Fixed an issue where the Avatar customization screen would not respond to controller input.
・Fixed an issue where the System menu would not respond to controller input.
・Fixed an issue with the Party system where players were unable to create a new party right after leaving a party.
・Fixed an issue on the Ranking screen when the player was not included on the list.
・Fixed an issue where players were able to keep the increased weapon slots given by certain abilities, even after removing those particular abilities from their loadout.
・Fixed an issue in the beginning of Round 2 where certain markers from end of Round 1 remained on the Mission Start screen.

【Host Migration】
・A new host will be selected when a host abandons the match, allowing all other players in that match to restart the match with a new host. (PlayStation®3/PlayStation®4/XboxONE)
 * This new option will allow players to join a match and stay on the same team as their party members, because the team split will not occur until enough players join the match.
・All experience points gained through the abandoned match will be given to all players in that match except the host.

【Match settings】
・Added an option to set the minimum player count in "CREATE MATCH".
 *This new option will allow players to set up a match with the desired number of team members before the teams split.
・Added an option to set Host Comment in "CREATE MATCH".
* Players can set up to 3 comments.
・Added an option to enable or disable Walker Gears in "CREATE MATCH".
・Added an option to set the frequency of weather changes in "CREATE MATCH".
 *Players can choose between 3 options; FREQUENT, STANDARD, OFF.
・Added a filter in "SELECT MATCH" to show matches which are full. (PlayStation®3/PlayStation®4/XboxONE)
・Added an option to set RUSH mode ON/OFF in "AUTOMATCH".
・Improved "AUTOMATCH" to prevent the players to play on the same map consecutively.
・Improved matchmaking in AUTOMATCH when choosing the RANDOM option. Players who chose the RANDOM option will now be prioritized into matches together.

【Titles and Medals】
・Added Titles and Medals as new features.
 ※Players will now earn Titles and Medals which are rewarded during scheduled maintenances.
 ※The title a player has earned that required the most effort within the upcoming scheduled maintenance period will be displayed in the in-game scoreboard.
・Added a new TITLE screen and MEDAL screen under [iDROID menu > STATS > PERSONAL].

【User markers】
・Added user markers as a new feature.
 * There are 3 different marker types that can be placed: "Attack," "Defend," and "Enemy."
 * User markers can be placed via the iDROID map or with the binoculars.
 * User markers are shared with your team members, and each team can place up to 3 markers.
* After placing a marker, players must wait 5 seconds before they can place another marker.
・Added a section under [System menu > Options] where you can select the Preset radio line that is automatically played when placing user markers.

【Preset text】
・Added Preset text as a new feature.
 * This feature can be accessed by holding the CALL button and switching the mode to Preset Text.
 * Players have the option to display the text to your teammates by choosing the lines from the TEAM mode, or to display to everyone including enemies by choosing the lines from the ALL mode.
 * Players can flip through the pages and choose the preset texts from total of 4 pages.

【Additional BGM (Soundtrack)】
・The following 9 tracks were added (PlayStation®3/PlayStation®4/XboxONE)

【New scoring criteria】
・The following 2 actions will now reflect on scores.
 * Walker Gear Destruction (This score is rewarded when a player destroys a Walker Gear controlled by an enemy)
 * Amazing Throw (This score is rewarded when hitting an enemy in the head with a throwing weapon)

【Round Result Screen Adjustments】
・Player characters can now be controlled while the Round Result screen is being displayed.
 ※Players cannot cause damage to enemy players during this time.
 ※Damage reactions will still be performed.
 ※Preset radio will broadcast towards all players (Enemy team and teammates).
・Added a feature to close and open the Round Result screen by pressing a button function.

【Ability Adjustments】
・Added reload speed boost for WEAPONS+ Lv.3 ability.
・Removed reload speed boost from LETHAL AIM+ Lv.3 ability and added improved firing stability while moving.
・Removed reload speed boost from NON-LETHAL AIM+ Lv.3 ability and added improved firing stability while moving.
・Added the following features to STEALTH CAMO+ Lv.3 ability.
 ※Disabled the movement speed reduction applied when Stealth Camo is activated.
 ※Extended the time required for an enemy player to mark a player with this ability.
・Shield dash can now be cancelled out by aiming a weapon with SHIELD Lv.3 ability.

【Weapon Adjustments】
・Sped up the draw speed of all handguns except the TORNADO-6.
・Reduced the draw speed of all machine guns and the SERVAL AMR-7.
・Decreased the damage value on S1000, KABARGA-83, and BULLHORN SG.
・Extended the firing interval on S1000, KABARGA-83, and BULLHORN SG.
・Increased the knockback value on S1000, KABARGA-83, RASP TB-SG, M2000-D, and URAGAN-G.
 ※Firing at an enemy with a shotgun in close range will knock the enemy to the ground.
・Decreased the knockback value on BULLHORN SG.
・Decreased the damage range on STUN GRENADE.
・Decreased the flash effect on STUN GRENADE.
 ※The flash effect will only generate if the player is taking stun damage or if the explosion happens on camera.
・Decreased the amount of sway when aiming through a weapon with attachments such as scopes and sights while moving.
・Raised the volume on the FULTON CANNON movement sound effect for easier detection.
・Equipping the C.BOX will now protect players from the effect of FULTON CANNON.
 ※Triggering the FULTON CANNON inside the C.BOX will destroy that box.
・Reduced the effective time on SMOKE GRENADE.

【Mission Adjustments】
・Significantly increased the time required to recover yourself from stunned/tranquilized state as a defender in "CLOAK AND DAGGER".
・If more than half of your team commits suicide or stuns/tranquilizes themselves, the team will automatically lose the match as penalty in CLOAK AND DAGGER.

【Buddy Adjustments】
・Players can no longer respawn at buddy’s location if the buddy is either taking damage or is in an abnormal state.  ※An abnormal state will include stunned and tranquilized state and CQC choked.
・Players can no longer use the E-RB WORMHOLE to warp towards their buddy’s location if the buddy is dead.
・The effect shown during buddy respawn and when using the E-RB WORMHOLE will now display red for enemys and blue for allies.
・Fixed an issue where players were able to cancel their inactive state right after buddy respawn by aiming their weapon or equipping the cardboard box.

・Adjusted so that overall, players can level up easier.
 ※The required amount of XP has been reduced for each level. Some players may experience a sudden increase in their level when the patch (Ver.1.02) is applied.
・The following changes have been made during the Invincible state right after spawning in.
 ※ Invincible to FULTON CANNONS
※ Player will not catch fire.
 ※ Enemy bullets will pass through body without causing damage.
・Slightly decreased the camera shake when a player takes damage in aim mode.
・The exhaustion of stamina from sprinting cannot be canceled out by switching postures.
・Extended the time required to recover from a stunned/tranquilized state.
・Extended the firing interval on the Mortar.
・Adjusted the camera controls on the Mortar.

【Other Adjustments】
・Added the “Game Type to Start” option under the System menu > Options > Controls Settings/Game Settings.
 ※Setting this option to MGO will automatically launch MGO when starting up the application.
・Added the “Remote Weapon Controls” option under the System > Options > Camera Settings.
・Improved the possibility to assign a late join player on the same team as their party member’s team.
・A new icon was added in the Objective column of the scoreboard which is displayed when a player successfully defends the Data Disc in "CLOAK AND DAGGER".
・An unique hit indicator has been added when you cause damage to mechs, such as Walker gears.
・An unique sound effect has been added when you hit an enemy in the head with a throwing weapon.
・Added MGO credits.
 ※The credits can be accessed from the System menu in Freeplay.

Regarding issues not addressed above, we are constantly monitoring user feedback and will continue to make changes and adjustments moving forward. Thank you very much for your continued support of MGO.


[METAL GEAR ONLINE] Ver.1.02 アップデート情報


・"BLACK SITE"の地下からマップ外に出られてしまう不具合を修正しました
・"CLOAK AND DAGGER"において、データディスクを回収していないプレイヤーに回収スコアが入ってしまう不具合を修正しました

・ホストが抜けた際に、自動的にホストを引き継いでマッチを再度作成するようにしました(PlayStation®3/PlayStation®4/Xbox One)

・"CREATE MATCH"において、必要プレイヤー数を設定できるようにしました
・"CREATE MATCH"において、ホストコメントを設定できるようにしました
・"CREATE MATCH"において、ウォーカーギア有無を設定できるようにしました
・"CREATE MATCH"において、天候変化の頻度を設定できるようにしました
・"SELECT MATCH"において、満室のマッチを表示するためのフィルタを追加しました(PlayStation®3/PlayStation®4/Xbox One)




・下記9セットを追加しました(PlayStation®3/PlayStation®4/Xbox One)

 * ウォーカーギア破壊(敵が乗っているウォーカーギアを破壊したときに獲得)
 * 驚異的な投擲(敵の頭部に投擲武器を直撃させたときに獲得)


・「WEAPONS+」Lv.3 にリロード速度上昇効果を追加しました
・「LETHAL AIM+」Lv.3 からリロード速度上昇効果を外し、移動中のブレ縮小効果を追加しました
・「NON-LETHAL AIM+」Lv.3 からリロード速度上昇効果を外し、移動中のブレ縮小効果を追加しました
・「STEALTH CAMO+」Lv.3 に下記効果を追加しました
 ※敵プレイヤーからのマーキング必要時間の延長("CLOAK AND DAGGER"の潜入チームのステルス迷彩同等)
・「SHIELD+」Lv.3 のシールドダッシュを武器構えでキャンセル出来るようにしました

・全てのマシンガンおよび「SERVAL AMR-7」の構え速度を下方修正しました
・「S1000」「KABARGA-83」「BULLHORN SG」のダメージを下方修正しました
・「S1000」「KABARGA-83」「BULLHORN SG」の発射間隔を下方修正しました
・「S1000」「KABARGA-83」「RASP TB-SG」「M2000-D」「URAGAN-G」の吹っ飛び値を上方修正しました
・「BULLHORN SG」の吹っ飛び値を下方修正しました
・「STUN GRENADE」のダメージ範囲を下方修正しました
・「STUN GRENADE」の閃光効果を下方修正しました
・「FULTON CANNON」のSE音量を上げて、音で見つけやすくしました
・「FULTON CANNON」を「C.BOX」で防げるようにしました
・「SMOKE GRENADE」の効果時間を短縮しました

・"CLOAK AND DAGGER"の防衛チームが気絶・睡眠させられたときに、回復に必要な時間を大幅に増やしました
・"CLOAK AND DAGGER"において、チームの過半数のプレイヤーが自殺もしくは自分で気絶・睡眠状態になった場合には反則負けとなるようにしました


 ※「FULTON CANNON」に当たらないようにしました

・"CLOAK AND DAGGER"において、ディスク防衛に成功した場合にスコアボードの「Objective」カラムにアイコンを表示するようにしました



[Important Notification] 【重要なお知らせ】 December 2015 update delayed on Xbox 360 in METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN - Xbox 360版 2015年12月配信アップデートの遅延について

English   日本語

*** [Important Notification] December 2015 update delayed on Xbox 360®

Regarding the update scheduled for METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN on Dec. 17 2015 (Thurs), we must request that Xbox 360® users wait slightly longer for the update to be implemented.
*The update will be implemented as scheduled on Dec. 17 2015 [Thurs] on PlayStation®3/PlayStation®4/Xbox One.

A further notification will be issued when we have a fixed date for the Xbox 360® update. Additionally, please be aware that this delay means certain events may not be available on the Xbox 360® version until the update is distributed.

We sincerely apologize for the trouble caused to affected users, and deeply appreciate your patience as this issue is resolved.
■ 【重要なお知らせ】 Xbox 360®版 2015年12月配信アップデートの遅延について

2015年12月17日(木)にアップデートを予定している METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN のアップデート配信ですが、 Xbox 360® につきましては諸事情により今しばらくお時間を頂戴いたします。
※ PlayStation®3/PlayStation®4/Xbox Oneは予定通り2015年12月17日(木)に配信いたします。

Xbox 360® 版のアップデート配信の日程につきましては、確定した段階で改めてご連絡させていただきます。 また、配信開始まで一部のイベント・キャンペーンが Xbox 360® 版では開催されない場合がございますので、予めご了承ください。