2015 12


[Important Notification] Update regarding the delay of the Version 1.02 patch in North and South America on PlayStation® platforms.

Following the maintenance and installation of the Ver. 1.07 MGSV Update on Dec 17th, 2015, two update files containing the new FOB and METAL GEAR ONLINE implemented content were scheduled to go live on the PlayStation Store.
Due to an error, the files weren't properly added to the store and PlayStation players in North and South America have been unable to fully update FOB or METAL GEAR ONLINE.
As an additional result,North American and South American players are prevented from engaging in either online portions of MGSV.

As of 7:45 PM PT, the issue was resolved, and the update files were added to the store and the game, enabling players to continue MGO and FOB online play as normal.

We are deeply sorry for this inconvenience to players and glad that working with Sony, we were able to resolve the issue that took place today. Thank you for your understanding regarding this issue and we hope you continue to enjoy METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN and METAL GEAR ONLINE.