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Maintenance Notice

PES CLUB MANAGER will undergo maintenance between the following times.
29/ 05 05:00 - 06:00 (GMT)

[Update Contents]
・Scouting Updated
・Events Update:UCL Team Challenge


A new version of the app Ver. 1.5.1 is now available. Please visit the app store for details.

・2nd Anniversary Campaigns
・Trainer Skill Modifications
・New Domestic League
・Skip Feature for PK Shootout
・Stamina Bar ON/OFF feature
・Trade Scout Modification
・Development Type shown on Player List
・New Events
・Other minor adjustments

*The game will not be playable if the app version is not updated. Please update the app from the store.

Function Modifications from v1.5.1

Few functions have been added or adjusted from the v1.5.1 update.
Please check the followings for details.

・Adjusted the frequency of shooting loop shots
・Reduced the weight of ability deductions due to low stamina
・Adjusted the goal probability for PK shoot-outs
・Added a new 3D match camera

・Changed the maximum height for the Trainer skill, "Short" from 170cm to 175cm

Thank you for enjoying PES CLUB MANAGER.

League Scout: ITALY Underway!

A scout that finds only Italian League players and Italian International players!
The chance rate for 7★ players will be higher!In addition, Scout x10 will guarantee 2 players that are 6★ or above!
Build your team now with the star players from ITALY!

Duration: 26/5 - 29/5 5:00 (GMT)

Ligue 1 Scout Underway!

A scout opportunity for Ligue 1 players and French National stars!
The chance rate for 7★ players will be higher!In addition, Scout x10 will guarantee 2 players that are 6★ or above!
Go and scout those French stars now to build your team!

Duration: 26/5 - 29/5 5:00 (GMT)

Taking Part in the UEFA Champions League!

UEFA Champions League kicks off from today!

Event Period:26/05-05/06

Every matches will be held at a fixed time everyday, so manage your team into their best state before it starts!

In this edition, the reward for passing the 1st Qualifier Round will be upgarded to celebrate the finals of UEFA Champions League 2016/17!
Also an "exclusive contact (*)" that would be awarded in the main tournament will find players with an event exclusive special trait, UEFA Champions League 2016/17!

* Exclusive contacts will be the following 4 contacts.
・Silver UCL Contact (16/17)
・Gold UCL Contact (16/17)
・Platinum UCL Contact (16/17)
・Platinum UCL Position Fixed Contact (16/17)

Current Event: SECRET DROPS

Duration: 26/5 - 29/5 0:00 (GMT)

A great reward will be delivered to you from the Mystery Box if you log in the next day!
(NEW!) Trainer Contact Box has been added.

A Mystery Box can be found as you progress in the Season Matches during this event period.
A total of 6 types of Mystery Box exists, and the rewards hidden in each type will all vary.
You can own only one Mystery Box at a time. If you find a second one, you'll need to select one and discard the other.
The Mystery Box reward will be delivered in the following day. Don't forget to login the next day to receive your reward!

* The Mystery Box reward can be received until 5/6/ 2017 0:00 (GMT).
* If you close the application without choosing the Mystery Box after finding the 2nd box and login the next day after the event ends, the reward for the 1st Mystery Box will be prioritized automatically and delivered.

Spring Login Campaign:Special Offer

Spring Login Campaign!
Now's a chance to purchase the coins at a bargain price!

*Only 1 purchase available for each user.

Duration: 22/5 - 29/5 05:00 (GMT)

Upcoming Event: Managers Cup 26 / Manager Champions Cup

The entry period for Managers Cup 26 has started!

Entry Period: 26/05 6:30 - 16/06 5:00 (GMT)

Earn the required amount of Managers Score through season matches in order to qualify for this tournament.
Your team needs to be at least in the Amateur Division in order to participate, so hurry for promotion if you haven't reached there yet!
We like to announce that a preliminary test on a new competition, Manager Champions Cup will be held after the end of Managers Cup #26.
Manager Champions Cup is a tournament participated only by the champion teams of Managers Cup, and players will be able to change tactics, ATK/DEF Level, switch players in real time while the match is being played.

Since this will be a test, the participating teams will be limited to the Managers Cup champion teams with their Managers Score ranked in within the top 16384th place.

* Please be noted that the tournament may be cancelled anytime without any notice in advance.
* This Manager Champions Cup will be the beta version, and the main objective will be a running test for server loads, network connections, and fixes for any potential bugs.
* The rewards for Manager Champions Cup will be omitted this time.

Advice for Customers that are Switching Devices

In order to prevent account migration issues, we'd like to ask all customers who'll be switching devices to migrate their account by "Setting" > "Data Migration Setting" > "Issue Data Migration Code" or link their account to "Facebook" or "Game Center" by the following steps.
Migration in between different OS would be possible by using the Migration Code or linking the account to your own Facebook account.

[Steps to Migrate Data when Switching Devices (via Migration Code)]

1. Top Menu > Setting > Data Migration Setting > Take note of "Your ID" and "Migration Code"

2. Install "PES CLUB MANAGER" to the device you're trying to switch to.

3. Title Screen's Data Migration > Transfer Data Using Code > and then enter "Your ID" and "Migration Code" that you noted down.

[Steps to Migrate Data when Switching Devices (via Facebook, Game Center)

1. Top Menu > Setting > Data Migration Setting > login to Facebook or Game Center to link your game account.
Once the link is completed, it would be displayed as Facebook Settings in Progress or Game Center Settings in Progress.

2. Install "PES CLUB MANAGER" to the device you're trying to switch to.

3. Title Screen's Data Migration > Login to either Facebook or Game Center account in which you had set in order to migrate the account.


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A club management game for the "PES" series which has been downloaded by more than 20 million users around the world.
The players and team data is up to date with the 2016/17 season.
Also, commentary feature is available in 9 languages including Japanese, English, Chinese Mandarin, and Cantonese.

The matches run in a high-quality 3D graphics while you lead your team to the victory by observing the match statistics changing in real-time, and applying an effective strategies.
The enjoyment stretches out horizontally with other team management features including player purchases & trainings, expanding & improving club facilities.
Go and experience the best football simulation game in the newest season data along with the realistic sounds of footballs.
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