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23M Download Anniversary Campaign

Thank you for playing PES CLUB MANAGER.
Several campaigns will be held to celebrate this app's 23 million global downloads achievement!
Duration: 28/4 - 8/5 05:00 (GMT)

Special Anniversary Scout Underway!

23 million download anniversary! A special one-time-only scout will be released to celebrate this!
Now's a chance to scout with a 7★ player guaranteed!
Duration: 30/4 - 5/5 5:00 (GMT)

Scout Boost feat. LEGENDS Underway!

Legend players are included in the roster for a limited time in this scout!
The chance rate for 6-7★ players will be higher!

For Scout x10, the last scouted player will be a 6★+ legend guaranteed in the following attempts; Initial attempt, 3rd attempt, 5th attempt!
(The guarantee bonus for legend player will NOT be applied for Scout x1, Scoutx5 and for any attempts besides the first, 3rd, 5th one for Scout x10)

7★ legend players will always have their own unique Special Trait which is very powerful!
(6★ legend players doesn't have unique Special Traits. )
* The legend players that are included will be the following.

■List of Legendary Players

* Legend players cannot be found from any kind of contacts.
*Special Trait (Official Club Team) will not activate for legend players.
* Legend players may be available in other future scouts scheduled ahead of this current campaign.
* Nation team players (2016/17 National) are not included in this Scout.

Duration: 28/4 - 2/5 5:00 (GMT)

Upcoming Event: Special Sponsor CEO VERSUS

For a limited time only, two companies sponsoring the club have arrived on the scene!
The companies are competing to be the most popular and be chosen as top sponsor in the forthcoming tournament.
This club can work hard to boost the number of votes cast. Every user's votes will be totted up and one of sponsor companies' CEOs will emerge victorious. Choose your favourite CEO and really get behind them!

★Selecting a Sponsor CEO
The rewards that each CEO is offering differ. Read each of their manifestos and select the one you want to support.

Simon Sho CEO
・Expect mainly training items and Simon Sho badges as rewards.

Lee Daepyo CEO
・Expect mainly Scout Tickets and Lee Daepyo badges as rewards.

*Once you've chosen a CEO, you won't be able to change your selection until the tournament ends

★CEO Popularity Meter
Your preferred CEO's Popularity Meter will go up and down depending on your results in games and cup and league positions.

The higher the division category, the more quickly a CEO's Popularity Meter will go up.
Every time the CEO's Popularity Meter hits 100%, you will receive great rewards including PES Coin and Scout Contact.

★CEO Voting
A vote is given to your preferred CEO every time their Popularity Meter hits 100%. At the end of the tournament, the CEO who got the most votes will be elected and the users who supported the winner will be rewarded.

Duration: 2/5 - 12/5 05:00 (GMT)

Match Bonus Campaign Underway!

The GP reward will boost up by x2 for a limited time!
Now's a chance to earn many GP!

*The GP reward received at the end of the season will not be included.

Duration: 28/4 - 2/5 5:00 (GMT)


Association Cup event, LEAGUE ALL-STAR CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 will be starting from 2/5!
Association cup is a tournament event fought by a team that would be built upon by you and your fellow association members' cooperation.
The event will have 3 different phases.

[ Entry Period ]
Duration: 2/5 - 10/5 05:00 (GMT)

・The Association's president can make entry into the competition and select the Team Traits of the association's team, which will decide the kind of players that can be registered into the team.

Team Traits available for this Competition
・Italian League All-Stars
・English League All-Stars
・Spanish League All-Stars
・European League All-Stars
・South American League All-Stars
・Asian League All-Stars

[ Team Training Period ]
Duration: 10/5 - 17/5 05:00 (GMT)
・In case if the association hasn't entered the competition, all association members will become capable of making entry to the competition and select the Team Traits.
* However the Team Traits cannot be changed once it's been selected.
・You'll be able to register player into the association team and train the team.

[ Maint Tournament ]
Duration: 17/5 - 24/5 05:00 (GMT)

Current Event: GOAL for HIGH STAR!

You can earn Players and Items if your team accumulate goals in a season (league/cup) match! Daily PES Coin prizes for acheiving daily missions will be offered as well!
There's a great top prize on offer: E. DOBLAS
It is a great chance to strengthen your team!

Duration: 24/4 - 2/5 5:00 (GMT)

Spring Training Campaign is underway!

 1st Week
  Duration: 24/4 - 1/5 00:00 (GMT)

 2nd Week
  Duration: 1/5 - 8/5 00:00 (GMT)

☆Campaign Details
・The maximum capacity of simultaneous trainings you can perform has been expanded for all divisions!
 (※ 24/4 6:00 (GMT)〜)
・A special Weekly Challenge will be held during the campaign period. Don't miss your chance to earn those extra PES Coins!
・If you login during the 2nd week of the campaign, 1 Gold Trainer Contact will be gifted to you!

☆Changes will take place for the maximum capacity of simultaneous trainings
Due to many requests from everyone, the maximum capacity for simultaneous trainings will be expanded.
(※ 24/4 6:00 (GMT)〜)
The maximum capacity of simultaneous trainings will be more for higher division categories.

・Maximum number of Simultaneous Trainings via Divisions
DivisionMaximum number of Simultaneous TrainingsAdded Portion from before

* The training's capacity increase brought by the facility will NOT be changed.

☆Kevin Imanoch as a Trainer?
Kevin Imanoch, the first special sponsor CEO of PES CLUB MANAGER will be making his debut as a tainer!
We all know he made a fool out of us by lying that he would become a "football player" during April Fool, but it seems that this guy is serious this time.
Will the training method from this top-notch CEO actually work…?
As part of the Weekly Challenge mission, try to have him set up a training regime now.

*Kevin Imanoch x1 has been added directly to your trainer list.
*Trainer "Kevin Imanoch" cannot be found from a scout.

☆Special Weekly Challenge
You can earn a lot of PES Coins than usual if you complete all of them!
Please find the details on the Weekly Challenge page.

☆A Gold Trainer Contact Giveaway!
1 Gold Trainer Contact will be sent to you as a gift if you login during the 2nd week of the campaign!

*Please receive it from the Notice from Admin.
*The gift can be received for only 1 time for 1 person during period mentioned above.

Upcoming Event: Managers Cup 25

The entry period for Managers Cup 25 has started!
Entry Period: 17/04 6:30 - 08/05 5:00 (GMT)
Earn the required amount of Managers Score through season matches in order to qualify for this tournament. Your team needs to be at least in the Amateur Division in order to participate, so hurry for promotion if you haven't reached there yet!

Advice for Customers that are Switching Devices

In order to prevent account migration issues, we'd like to ask all customers who'll be switching devices to migrate their account by "Setting" > "Data Migration Setting" > "Issue Data Migration Code" or link their account to "Facebook" or "Game Center" by the following steps.
Migration in between different OS would be possible by using the Migration Code or linking the account to your own Facebook account.

[Steps to Migrate Data when Switching Devices (via Migration Code)]

1. Top Menu > Setting > Data Migration Setting > Take note of "Your ID" and "Migration Code"

2. Install "PES CLUB MANAGER" to the device you're trying to switch to.

3. Title Screen's Data Migration > Transfer Data Using Code > and then enter "Your ID" and "Migration Code" that you noted down.

[Steps to Migrate Data when Switching Devices (via Facebook, Game Center)

1. Top Menu > Setting > Data Migration Setting > login to Facebook or Game Center to link your game account.
Once the link is completed, it would be displayed as Facebook Settings in Progress or Game Center Settings in Progress.

2. Install "PES CLUB MANAGER" to the device you're trying to switch to.

3. Title Screen's Data Migration > Login to either Facebook or Game Center account in which you had set in order to migrate the account.


Look out for new updates and game tips from PES CLUB MANAGER's official Twitter account!

PES CLUB MANAGER's official Twitter Link↓
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Japanese Twitter

A club management game for the "PES" series which has been downloaded by more than 20 million users around the world.
The players and team data is up to date with the 2016/17 season.
Also, commentary feature is available in 9 languages including Japanese, English, Chinese Mandarin, and Cantonese.

The matches run in a high-quality 3D graphics while you lead your team to the victory by observing the match statistics changing in real-time, and applying an effective strategies.
The enjoyment stretches out horizontally with other team management features including player purchases & trainings, expanding & improving club facilities.
Go and experience the best football simulation game in the newest season data along with the realistic sounds of footballs.
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