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Apple Beta Software Notice for KONAMI Customers

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A new version of the app Ver. 1.3.5 is now available. Please visit the app store for details.
[Update Contents]
- New mode, "Classic Masters"
- New feature "Data Center" records your team's history
- Association Event, "Chain of Goals"
- Entry regulation changes for Managers Cup
- Tactics Edition feature added for Managers Cup Entry Team
- Modification of Usage of Item-in-Bulk Feature
- National Team invitation mini-event added
- Expansion of Account Linking Option
- Spanish League added to Domestic League mode
- Minor Modifications
*The game will not be playable if the app version is not updated. Please update the app from the store.

Special Match Underway!

An exhibition match against the Spanish League Champion, FC BARCELONA has been prepared!
Win the match for great rewards!
Duration: 29/7 06:00 - 12/8 05:00 (GMT)

Legend Scout Chance Now On!

There is a chance that legendary players (7★) will be included with this limited-time scout! All legendary players will have a powerful, unique Special Trait!

■List of Legendary Players

You can also earn Scout PTs every time you scout during this period.
Your bond with the scout will deepen as you earn Scout PTs, and he will introduce you to many great players and coaches.
Duration: 29/7 6:00 - 3/8 5:00 (GMT)

Upcoming Event: Chains of Goals

Chains of Goals is an Association event that can be participated by joining into an Association. In this event you'll be earning CHEER points by scoring goals in the Season Match mode. Rewards will be awarded based on the total CHEERs earned by the whole Association. Cooperate with your fellow Association Members to earn many rewards!

Duration: 1/8 06:30 - 5/8 05:00 (GMT)

★Earn tons of CHEERs during the BOOST TIME
BOOST TIME is a bonus time that occurs temporarily when you score a goal. You can earn more CHEERs than usual if you score during the BOOST TIME. The duration of the BOOST TIME will extend depending on the number of Association Memberss that scored a goal during the BOOST TIME. Also, the BOOST TIME level will keep increasing, granting more bonus point rewards as the total goals scored during the time reaches a certain amount.

Associations will be ranked based on the total CHEERs they earned. Ranking rewards will be awarded based on the final rankings at the end of the event.

* You'll not be able to join in an Association during the event period.

Current Event: UCL Team Challenge

An UCL event everyone's been waiting for!
During the event period, you will randomly receive an invitation letter from a UCL team as you progress in the regular season. If you win against that team, you will receive a player randomly from that team. Try your best to defeat a giant club for a superstar reward!

■List of Teams Available

Duration: 25/7 07:00 - 1/8 05:00 (GMT)

Upcoming Event: UEFA Champions League

The entry period for UEFA Champions League has started!
Entry Period : 15/07 6:30 - 01/08 5:00 (GMT)
Earn Ranking PTs through season matches to maintain your Manager Ranking in the qualifying zone in order to qualify for this tournament. Your team needs to be at least in the Amateur Division in order to participate, so hurry for promotion if you haven't reached there yet!


Look out for new updates and game tips from PES CLUB MANAGER's official Twitter account!

PES CLUB MANAGER's official Twitter Link↓

Data Migration

\"Data Migration\" is an option that allows you to transfer your PES CLUB MANAGER game data from your current device to another one.

Please note that your current data would be lost forever if you do not apply this before you delete the app and/or switch to new device.

■Data migration instruction steps
Data Migration Code can be sent to your designated mail address by the following steps; Options > Data Migration, then tap Issue Code.

Afterwards, open PES CLUB MANAGER on the device you'd like to migrate to, and access "Data Migration" > "Data Migration" on the title page. Then enter your ID and migration code that were sent to your mail in order to complete the Data Migration.

You can also migrate your data by linking to your Facebook or Google Play account.

* Please check the noted cautions as you proceed to the migration process.

After 1 year since it's release, the soccer team management game from the famous "PES" series has been downloaded and played by more than 11 million users.
The world’s ultimate soccer simulation experience is right here, right now!

PES CLUB MANAGER – a football manager title for iOS and Android. The new game will make full use of 3D elements using the Pro Evolution Soccer Console Game Engine that powers the critically acclaimed PES 2015. The basis of the game is to create and develop a small club and turn them into world-beaters. To this end, PES CLUB MANAGER tasks users to lead their team to the top and become the best club manager in the world!
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