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Pro Evolution Soccer Club Manager
Pro Evolution Soccer Club Manager(Team building)


Maintenance Notice

PES CLUB MANAGER will undergo maintenance between the following times.
27/ 06 05:00 - 06:30 (GMT)
[Update Contents]
・Scouting Updated
・Managers Cup 14: CALLING FOR ENTRY

Announcement on the Addition of UEFA EURO 2016 Players

National players from UEFA EURO 2016 has been newly added to PES CLUB MANAGER.
Those players will be available in Scout and as an event reward for a limited time.

Current Event: UEFA EURO 2016 Team Challenge

Now's your chance to earn PES Coins and UEFA EURO 2016 players!!

You'll receive an invitation letter from UEFA EURO 2016 teams for an exhibition match as you progress in your regular league. You'll be awarded with a player from the opposing teams if you win the match.
You can challenge the team as many times as you want, even if you lost the match. Take on the team until you can win.
The opposing team Lv will increase along with their player's ability as you keep winning.

You can also earn 5 PES Coins as a bonus reward for winning against teams that are Lv x10 (10, 20, 30, and so on).

■Team List

Group A Group B









Group C Group D









Group E Group F









Duration: 24/6 06:00 - 30/6 05:00 (GMT)

Time limited: LIGA BBVA Scout

A scout of only players from LIGA BBVA teams!
In addition, the chances of winning 6 and 7-★ players have been boosted!
Duration: 24/6 6:00 - 27/6 5:00 (GMT)

[Time Limited] UEFA EURO 2016 Scout Underway!

A time limited Scout that finds UEFA EURO 2016 national players!

Rate Boost for Group A・B players
Duration: 20/6 6:00 - 22/6 5:00 (GMT)
Rate Boost for Group C・D players
Duration: 22/6 6:00 - 24/6 5:00 (GMT)
Rate Boost for Group E・F players
Duration: 24/6 6:00 - 27/6 5:00 (GMT)

Upcoming Event: CLASSIC SERIES

CLASSIC SERIES can be participated by a Hall of Fame team, which is consisted of only Hall of Fame players. Each day the team can play 1 match against another Hall of Fame team, and rewards will be given as the team earns match pts during the 10-day period.

Duration: 27/6 06:30 - 7/7 05:00 (GMT)

★Hall of Fame Player's Team Registration Method
You can register the player into the Hall of Fame by earning Fames.
2000 Fames will be needed in order to register.
You can register and check on the Hall of Fame players at Top Menu > Hall of Fame > Hall of Fame.

★Hall of Fame Team
You can create a Hall of Fame Team by constructing a Club Museum.
Club Museum will be built once you've been promoted to Amateur or above.

[Time Limited ] ONE CHANCE Scout

12 million download anniversary! A special one-time-only scout will be released to celebrate this!
It's a scouting chance that guarantees 1 player who is 6★ or above!
Duration: 20/6 6:00 - 27/6 5:00 (GMT)

12 million download anniversary campaigns are currently underway!

PES CLUB MANAGER has reached 12 million downloads at global!
The following campaigns will be held to celebrate this.

Duration: 20/6 06:00 - 27/6 05:00 (GMT)

①12 million download anniversary Login Campaign
5 PES Coins will be awarded at 06:00 (GMT) everyday until 27/6 to celebrate this.

②Twitter Campaign
Grand prizes will be rewarded to everyone as a specific tweet by PES CLUB MANAGER's official Twitter, "@officialpescm" receives retweets!

RT AchievedReward
500RTPES Coinx 5
1000RTPES Coinx 10
2000RTGold Contact
5000RTGold Contact

We are honoured to have this much users to play our game and would like to express our appreciation to everyone out there.
We hope you all would continue to enjoy PES CLUB MANAGER!

Upcoming Event: Managers Cup 13

The entry period for Managers Cup 13 has started!
Entry Period : 13/06-27/06
Earn Ranking PTs through season matches to maintain your Manager Ranking in the qualifying zone in order to qualify for this tournament. Your team needs to be at least in the Amateur Division in order to participate, so hurry for promotion if you haven't reached there yet!


Look out for new updates and game tips from PES CLUB MANAGER's official Twitter account!

PES CLUB MANAGER's official Twitter Link↓

Data Backup Info

"Data Migration" is an option that allows you to transfer your PES CLUB MANAGER game data from your current device to another one.

Please note that your current data would be lost forever if you do not apply this before you delete the app and/or switch to new device.

【Data migration instruction steps】
Top Menu > Options > Data Migration
Tap "Issue Code" and your migration code will be sent to an e-mail address you wish to send to.

Start up PES CLUB MANAGER with your new device and tap "Data Migration" from the Title Screen or from Top Menu > Option.
Then tap "Enter Code" and enter in "Your ID", and "Migration Code" that was sent to your e-mail.

* Please check the noted cautions as you proceed to the migration process.

After 1 year since it's release, the soccer team management game from the famous "PES" series has been downloaded and played by more than 11 million users.
A new endorsement by Gareth Bale (National Team of Wales) has also been revealed, along with the launch of UEFA EURO 2016, which decides the champions of all European national teams.
The world’s ultimate soccer simulation experience is right here, right now!

PES CLUB MANAGER – a football manager title for iOS and Android. The new game will make full use of 3D elements using the Pro Evolution Soccer Console Game Engine that powers the critically acclaimed PES 2015. The basis of the game is to create and develop a small club and turn them into world-beaters. To this end, PES CLUB MANAGER tasks users to lead their team to the top and become the best club manager in the world!
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