Apple Store, San Francisco Event Report

Hundreds of fans and aspiring game developers lined up for a chance to participate in a candid discussion with Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear Series at the San Francisco Apple Store's "Meet the Creator" talk session during the final day of GDC. A packed room of over 200 people listened intently as Mr. Kojima talked about his career as a game creator and described the making of Metal Gear Solid Touch - his first game designed specifically for iPhone and iPod touch. The event was moderated by SPIKE TV host Geoff Keighley.

The event began with Geoff asking about Mr. Kojima's background in gaming and how he got into the industry. The conversation then moved on to discuss Mr. Kojima's relationship with Apple, the game design of Metal Gear Solid Touch, and his philosphy behind gaming in general. With its intuitive multi-touch interface and addictive game play, Mr. Kojima introduced Metal Gear Solid Touch as a way for casual fans to "touch" upon the world of Metal Gear in an easily accessible way by using Apple's iPod Touch and iPhone platform.

At the end of the session, fans had a rare opportunity to directly interact with Mr. Kojima in a 15-minute Q&A session with the esteemed game creator. Questions covered topics such as how to get into the game industry or become a game designer. Mr. Kojima's advice: Don't be influenced by other games. Instead, draw inspiration from real-world experiences by trying new things, travelling to new places, and meeting as many people as possible. For those who can't do this, Mr. Kojima also suggested reading books and watching movies as a way of escaping from the everyday world and finding new ideas.

Attendees were also treated to exclusive limited edition iPod Touch 2G Air Jacket cases provided by promotional partner Power Support USA, and to limited edition MGST posters that were given away exclusively to attendees at the event.

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