Period 2016/5/19 17:00 ~ 2016/5/26 13:00



The 5 LEGENDS plus the fastest player in the PES history [BABANGIDA] is making his appearance through a Special Agent!
Players who have an overall rating of 75 or more, that belong to the teams that these players used to play for will be on the list.

Legend players such as Roberto Baggio and Roberto Carlos can be obtained, including present players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Robben,
are avilable for your club team to expand the squad.

19/5/2016 8:00 (UTC) - 26/5/2016 4:00 (UTC)
*This period is possibly affected to change by the maintenance.

■Special Agent:
Special agent who can sign any one of 5 legend players.

*Limited one per customer.
*If this agent has been used in the previous campaign, this agent cannot be used this time. (Won't available in the Special Agent.)

Players who have an overall rating of 75 or more, that belong to the teams that these players used to play for will be on the list.

*Players available are based on DP3.0.

*myClub menu [Contract] - [Special Agent], press [List of Targets] button in the Special Agent list to confirm the available players list in each agent.

Period 2016/5/19 17:00 ~ 2016/5/26 13:00

ML original members are back as managers!

Original members who played as a first member in Master League will be brought back as a manager in myClub mode. The managers and their formations are as shown below.

ESPIMAS [2-3-5]
VALENY [3-1-3-3]
KELSEN [5-2-1-2]
IOUGA [3-2-4-1]
NJORGO [3-2-4-1]
HUYLENS [3-3-1-3]
OSTWAUT [3-3-2-2]
CELNILI [3-3-2-2]
MACCO [3-3-2-2]
CECIU [4-2-2-2]
BURCHET [4-2-3-1]
DULIC [4-2-4]
HARTY [4-3-1-2]
BAROTA [4-3-3]
XIMELEZ [4-3-3]
NACHDECAL [5-2-1-2]
ZAMENHOF [5-2-2-1]

19/5/2016 8:00 (UTC) - 26/5/2016 4:00 (UTC)
*This period may be affected by maintenance and other factors.

*In addition to the above period, it comes up from time to time in the future.

Period 2016/5/19 17:00 ~ 2016/5/26 13:00

50% more rewarrds when playing Divisions!

A reward of Divisions and Online challenge cup from 19/5/2016-26/5/2016 will be 150% of the value!

*Note : Divisions [SIM] are not eligible.

Period 2015/12/17 17:00 ~ 

Notice on LEGENDS

LEGENDS (legend players) are available in myClub from 17/12/2015. Please bear in mind the following policies about LEGENDS.

・Unable to sign any legend players with Top agent.

・Special agent that can sign legend players will be coming up from time to time in the future.

Period 2015/10/08 00:00 ~ 

myClub Competitions NOW UNDERWAY!

myClub competition is due to start!
The competition will be held every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

In myClub competition, players are required to play a series of matches in the qualifying round, with the top 16 players advancing to the elimination round.

This is a chance to test your team's ability!
Why not give it a try!?


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