High Speed Robot Action returns in HD!

Zone of the Enders (2001) and Zone of the Enders 2: The 2nd Runner (2003) are the pinnacle of high speed robot action. Imagine hovering in a 360-degree battlefield. You spin your mecha around, lock onto your target, and fire away. Spotting another enemy nearby, you instantly dash over to it and eliminate it with your sword. Your guns and your blade are your weapons against swarms of enemies and massive spacecraft. This is a solid sci-fi world that looks and sounds like no other, a game whose gameplay mechanics can truly be called exhilarating. These are titles so memorable they have gained a passionate fanbase and are still talked about years after their release.
The HD remastering process has made Z.O.E. even more striking, re-igniting the thrills for long-time fans and blowing away those discovering the game for the first time. Either way, players will find a combination of hardcore gameplay and compelling story that has become all too rare in this day and age.

For these HD remasters, Kojima Productions teamed up with Sunrise to create an anime opening linking Zone of the Enders and The 2nd Runner. Over 5 minutes long, this original sequence is a perfect introduction to the Z.O.E. world for those new to the series. In addition, the in-game anime cut-scenes have been converted to HD using the latest in upscaling technology. All the effects present in the PS2 versions have been beautifully recreated, preserving the series' trademark fusion of anime and CG. Additionally, the framerate has been upped to 60 fps from the original 30, and the aspect ratio has been increased from 4:3 to 16:9, giving you even more of Z.O.E.'s signature silky smooth speed. Audio has been given the same attention, resulting in crisper sound effects. The HD edition fans have been clamoring for is finally here!

Razor-sharp HD Graphics Bring Out Every Detail!

The games' graphical representation has taken an incredible leap up in the HD Edition. 720p capability brings fine detail to the fore in a way that was never possible in the PlayStation®2 versions. With these crisp, bright new graphics, the exhilaration of Z.O.E. is waiting to thrill you all over again.
The 2D graphics and fonts have have also been given an HD overhaul! No detail has been spared in bringing the player a beautiful user interface.

Upgraded from 4:3 to Full 16:9 Widescreen!

A wider aspect ratio lets you see more of the action, helping you stay on top of Z.O.E.'s intense battles.

Includes a stunning new opening animation created by anime studio Sunrise.

Trophies and Achievements Added.

PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360® users won't be disappointed with the inclusion of trophy/achievement support. Look forward to a whole new way to enjoy Zone of the Enders!